Everyone should support Ron Paul, because he truly believes in liberty, and he is a very honest man.  Please go have a look at his voting record.  Compare his record to Obama or Perry, and you will see a big difference with consistency. 

There was the Obama peace candidate and then the Obama presidency.  Most people are already quite aware of this and other discrepancies between the candidate and the president.  Perry is already infamous for his ability to morph into whatever political animal that will get him elected.   Paul has a plan for peace and liberty.  Perry and Obama do not even have a plan for liberty.

If drones can run autonomously, then I would think that peace-loving humans ought to be permitted the same courtesy. Ron Paul is the only candidate who believes in, and has a plan for autonomous humans.  Isn’t it about time that we legalized liberty, and combined it with the synergy of peace and prosperity as well?

The employees of the mainstream media should get behind Ron Paul, because he supports the free market of ideas completely, and would help protect your liberty. There should be more jobs, because information is the key to successful liberty. I work in information technology, and see a great leap forward in the growth of not just data, but information. Data is useless, unless it can be converted back into useful information through all kinds of media. Not just TV, but the Internet as well. Information has value, regardless of how it is presented. People can freely compete to present the information in the best way possible.

I can imagine a day when I can just see through my glasses which media company or which consumer report-like agency approves of the company that I am about to consider walking into, in a shopping center mall. The best agencies will be the most accurate. People can make up their own mind. I would be interested in knowing which companys are carrying products that contain DNA that is genetically altered (fine), by a company that sues farmers when their DNA gets into their neighbor’s crops (not fine – pollution of neighbors crops, and a violation of their property rights, but supported by the mainstream. If anything, it should be the other way around, those dirty authoritarian-supporting lawyers and judges should be ashamed). Guess I will not be shopping there.

The cool thing is, that there are many more workers, than owners of the corporate oligarchy, and there are many useful jobs that are potentially out there, in a land of liberty, where people can freely trade ideas, goods, and services with each other.

Just bringing the troops home, will be a huge savings that peace lovers everywhere should enjoy.  The troops can spend their federal reserve notes here, and we can finally get a taste of that peace dividend that was promised to us after the cold war, but of course never delivered.  This will be the higest priority of the presedent, if we can get Ron Paul elected in 2012.