If Congress has a debt ceiling, then its members must have known what that was, and should never have borrowed beyond that limit in the first place. They bail out banks and big-wigs in government-created organizations like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, blame private industry for messing up the economy, and yet they cannot even follow their own rules. Our government is not too big to fail. It deserves to fail, because it was created by a bunch of greedy idiots and supported by mob rule, where the mob is brain-washed into thinking that what they say has any bearing on anything that goes on at the federal level whatsoever.

They, the mobs and their leaders, pray for solutions while they prey on the innocent tax payer. They do not ever open up their rational, objective, thought processes. At least, there is no evidence that any of them do. Instead, the put their “faith” in faith, and they manage to twist that into irrational, greedy, short-term-gain brand of selfishness. They are not behaving in a rationally selfish (self-interested) manner, like a proper, moral human being should behave. There is looking out for number one, then there is sticking your head up your ass. Sadly, so many go for the head gymnastics. The kind of “sport” that leads to pushing other people around like a brute or a bully. Sadly, so many people consider this type of behavior to be patriotic and the equivalent to freedom. Freedom and responsibility is so easily replaced by fear, ignorance and punishment to those with different beliefs and behaviors.

Not all politicians are criminals, but virtually all politicians at the federal level are beneath criminals on any moral scale that anyone can come up with. Most of them don’t think twice before taking money that does not belong to them and giving it away to their friends. Most of them do not worry about the fact that the US troops needlessly occupy so many foreign countries and destroy so many innocent lives, yet they worry about a single, domestically born or unborn child. Obviously, they only pretend to care about children. Many of them use faith-based “science” and “logic” to run their insane lives where they actually believe that telling other people what to do, at threat of fine or prison, is just peachy. They pretend to care about individuals and families, but one look at the prison population proves otherwise. Another look, and we see some of them signing documents that are racist in nature, so either they cannot read or are incompetent leaders, because they cannot pick literate people to help them with their campaigns (Google the news, if you don’t understand the reference).

Actions speak louder than words. The ends can never justify the means, because your means is another person’s end, in any situation where the “plan” involves so many other people without their consent. That is the nature of government. It does stuff to people (or for people) without their consent. Voting is not consent. Voting is simply the result of a brainwashed mob believing that they are achieving something that is positive. People living in the occupied countries don’t even get to vote. Mob rule has led to filling the prisons with marijuana smokers and while murders, rapists, child molesters and bank robbers go free. Drug lords, prison builders, and a lot of delusional Jesus Freaks and other religious zealots, both on the left and right seem to love and support that. They support the “War on Drugs” (war against individual choise and individual responsibility).

They don’t care about America or the American people. Tea-baggers – I am talking to you too. Arrogant lefties and idiot tea-baggers want to spend all of our money on the one hand, and tell us what to do with our lives on the other. They are both faith-based ideologies with little grounding in objective reality. Irrational selfishness on both ends is what I see. The left and right are both speaking out of the wrong end of their bodies, and it really stinks. If we really care about other people, then why get so upset when people outside of the USA get jobs so that they can feed and provide shelter for their families? Nobody is “taking away your job.” It’s not your job to begin with. Grow up, become an adult, and create your own job. Oh, I forgot, you regulated yourself out of that possibility, you stupid idiots! Hey tea-baggers – read a science book, you faith-based hicks! Nobody will take you seriously outside of your tiny group. Ayn Rand was an atheist you religious freaks! Of course, you read Atlas Shrugged in the same way that you “read” the bible – cherry pick, and don’t actually every really read the thing, but let some talking head authoritarian read it too you in bits and chunks, and often out-of-context, so that it sounds better than it really is.

Of course, government always grows until it collapses under its own weight. Government is Entropy at its best! The laws of the Universe conspire to maximize entropy. Life was the first step, but that was nothing compared to the destructive power of government. The best you can do is to bitch about it, or hope to speed up the process. People who like small government don’t need to worry, because the system will collapse. Conservative tea-bagging just slows the process down and makes it more painful for everybody but the rich, Christian rulers (and their Jesus Freak mob following) of this Corporate Oligarchy of the United States. The crazies on the left are just speeding up the process of ultimately shrinking the government, but in no way that anyone ever intended, except perhaps for a handful of terrorists and possibly one or two score of anarchists.

Good and bad intentions pave the road that leads to hell whenever government is involved. Tea-baggers, go read a book about science if you ever want to be taken seriously! It is not the liberal media that makes you appear ignorant and stupid. If we had a free market, we probably would still have a liberal media, but I doubt that we would have 12 billion Christian channels like we do today. Then again, maybe we would – it seems that there is a big mob of people who would still rather cling to that garbage rather, instead, of simply reading a good science book (oh, so germs are causing that and not the devil? – wow, I never knew that! Oh, so there really are dozens of ways of measuring the ages of rocks – and not only that – they overlap and agree? Wow! Cool! The earth really is billions of years old! Wow, so GPS depends on science? I always thought that there was a little Jesus-Prayer-Unit [JPU] inside of my cell phone, and that it always sends prayers to Jesus for the current location. DNA melting point? What’s that? Duhhhhh! Doh! Why does this stuff matter? I don’t understand why people don’t listen to me about economics and government …. ????). Gawd, you are a dumb lot! So sad!

What is one kind of school worse than terrible US government schools (public schools for those of you who do not know how to Google)? The selfish-based, faith-based, private schools that you all went to; learning how to justify steeling and grabbing up all of the valuable property by using government for your own selfish ends, and taught denial of any scientific facts that dissagree with the bits of the bible that have been cherry-picked (I dare you to follow the Ten Commandments – stone your teenagers to death if the show disrespect and dishoner to their parents – oh yeah you forgot to read that part, because you don’t know how to or refuse to actually read anything all the way through because you are lazy or just want to live in your own fairy-tale world. How can the commandment be true, yet the punishments just be some kind of bizzare metaphorical statement? hmmm?). That is not free market. That is not logical, rational thought. Faith-based thought is only useful for those folks who happen to already be rich and in power. They actually believe it is their faith, the free market, and not their guns and bloody theft that put them in power and provide wealth. Pure evil, with a faith-based foundation is all that they follow.

Ignorance, evil, selfishness, and stupidity all worked together to create the problems that we have with have with the economy and foreign policy today. The loonys on the left and the tea party idiots on the right are just marching in step. One should not be surprised by this. Those in the middle are doing the same thing, only “moderate” in their approach (whatever that means). The squeaky wheels on the left and right get all of the grease, even though we (net) tax payers do not necessarily even want the vehicle on which the wheels are attached. … Wait a second – we tax payers are the same people that make up the mob that votes … hmmm…

Is it any wonder that if you put so many selfish idiots in power that government will just grow out of control? The bureaucrats will simply vote for politicians who will increase their budgets. Defence contractors will continue to push for more war. Oil companies will continue to push for more subsidized freeways and will of course side with war contractors, because plenty of fossil fuels can be sold to the military and to the military industrial complex that makes the weapons.

People generally speak out of both sides of their asses. The difference with the left, is that they think they are being rational and objective, and so it is okay to tell everybody else what to do and what is best for everyone. This is usually attempted be redistributing wealth in truly idiotic ways. All you have to do is look at the crack houses where Urban renewal was intended. You idiots forgot that you subsidized the freeways so that the white middle class could move to the suburbs on the backs of the poor (the poor in the cities still have to pay taxes for freeways that they hardly use).

The mob at all extremes (not just the far left and far right) keep forgetting that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The moderates are not all that much different either. Humans are the fifth ape, and the earth really is the planet of the apes.

Perhaps that budget can be ballanced and the deficit can be cut, if we would all stop taking ourselves so seriously, and listen to other points-of-view. I predict that that will never happen. Government is doomed to grow until it collapses one way or another. Do you want to have it collapse quickly or slowly? Vote or don’t vote accordingly. Read a good science book every once in a while. You might learn something useful. The odds are, if you are reading this, you probably will not go out and read a good science book, but I hope I am wrong about that!