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Shame on those of you who support The War on Drugs. To be equivalent with the liberty that you would have taken away from those of us willing to try freedom out, you authoritarians would have 100% of your Federal Reserve Notes taken away, or your freedom of religion revoked.

Some of you support, and get farm subsidies, and continue to support outlawing the growing of hemp. I know most of you do not bother to read books, or bother to google, so I will explain to you that hemp is not a drug. It is useful for making many products that are greener than, and compete with many of your financial backers. It is because they are anti-free-trade; they hate the fact that people can just grow it, and make bio-degradable plastics, superior paper products, and durable clothing that they outlawed it to begin with. The first draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

How dare you start whining about your precious freedoms being taken away by Obama. Many of you support anti-free-market, pro-group-rights, Corporations. This is especially evident in the local areas where your philosophy tends to be popular. Mall stores get local officials to regulate away competition. Many of you support the Military Industrial Complex at the Federal level.

You claim to care about life, but quickly dismiss the death of innocents as “collateral damage.” Those of you “Atlas Shrugged” fans should read from the author on her thoughts on how your “means” are another person’s “ends”, and cannot be justified, if you maintain the premise of individual liberty. Get it through your head that occupying another country, and not getting a formal declaration of war from Congress is anti-free-market, anti-life, and un-Constitutional.

You are not pro-life. Nobody can take you seriously, outside of your cult-like circle. Would the Jesus zombie grin and gloat after bin Ladin was killed? Would he love his enemy?

What about the collateral damage from all of the non wars? Is that what Jesus calls it when innocent lives are lost? Does he really want our foreign policy, even at the expense of his own teachings and the Constitution?

You are not pro-free-market. You are the enemy of freedom. You are the worst kind – wrapped in a bloody flag and carrying and bloody cross, while symbolically eating flesh and drinking blood. You are willing to tread on other people’s freedom for your own gain. You are gangsters and profiteers willing to fill the prisons with your freedom-loving enemies at the expense of going after those who commit rape, theft, and murder.

You are hypocrites of the worst kind. Many of you cherry-pick the Bill of Rights. You ignore “and to the people”, and are very selective when it comes to states rights. We should not be surprised by now, as cherry-picking is what you live by. No wonder sound bites are so effective.

Yes, many liberals do the equivalent. This letter is not to them. One fundamentalist right, does not make it okay, in order to have a “fair and balanced process.”. Remember that two “wrongs” don’t make a right. I am sure you have valid points about them, but muddled in with plenty of nonsense, no doubt, on your blogs.

Many of you are intellectually lazy, with an anti-science attitude. Of course Al Gore is a politician and cherry-picks his science, but ordinary people in your gang cherry-pick your favorite science fiction book, where a zombie, with super powers, comes back to life to save the people. That is the reason many of you support the anti-free-market practice of supporting Israel through Federal Government subsidies.

Some of You want to be nice to the Jews only so your terrorist god can kill them off for you in the end of days. There is simply no need to pick up a science book on “the selfish gene”, or “climate change.” So many of you remain willfully ignorant, when it comes to science, philosophy, the arts, and mathematics.

Some of you justify occupation in foreign lands and occupation of individual liberty at home for pure, irrationally, selfish purposes. What I should do is take every opportunity to tell your little kids sitting next to me at Starbucks that your mommy and daddy are lying to you about Santa, the Easter Bunny, God, and Jesus. They need to be liberated from your tyranny. You are occupying their little minds with rubbish.

You are insisting upon broadcasting your crazy, bronze-aged concepts, and then expect the rest of us to believe you when you tell us that you believe in limited government and States Rights.

Freedom is a new idea, that you plainly reject. You deserve to have your notes become worthless, because you are clearly a pack of insane, anti-free-trade, anti-freedom, authoritarians, living by standards that were created by ancient, bronze-aged men who were of course ignorant of modern science, or modern concepts of liberty.

You who gloat at bin Laden’s killing, then mumble and chant prayers about turning the other cheek on Sundays cannot be taken seriously.

You have proven time and time again that you cannot keep it in your own pants, when it comes to your authoritarian teachings. Your sick, immoral, faith-based thinking process ejaculates all over the rest of us.

Economic freedom is a good idea, for those of us who actually practice freedom. You whining cry babies deserve whatever happens to your wealth that you clearly care about.

Why should anybody listen to a bunch of whining, Johny-come-lately cry babies, just now crawling out of their rotting woodwork to complain about Obama?

Now, the Ron Paul and the libertarian wing – I am not talking about you as much, obviously. This Tea Partty group is perverted and distorting any ideas they can get from libertarians.

However, your zombie worshipping ways are worrisome. Fath-based thinking is dangerous. Yes, Gore does it too, as do liberals, and those in the middle.

We have respected your legal right to believe whatever crap you like, and regardless of the brainwashing. It’s a disgusting practice, but that is a part of the price of freedom. Isn’t it high time that you return the favor to those of us who are brave enough to actually attempt to practice being free for a very long time? The chief DEA officer, since Bush, and now under Obama wants to return to alcohol prohibition. We would have even more gangs, more drive-by shootings, and more people would die from drinking bad alcohol impurities. Once again, candidate Obama lied to those of us voters in California and around the country. Obama is not big on telling the truth, nor on supporting States rights.

I have no real beef with those of you who simply want to live a socially conservative lifestyle. Don’t tread on me and I will not tread on you. I am not asking you to apologize. I am telling you to legalize freedom! It is something that is to be taken by demand, when it is not offered, or even on the table to be considered. Only power shifting is ever truly discussed anymore. That is because authoritarians from all sides rule the day.

Written on iPhone app in Starbucks in Palos Verdes 🙂

If Congress has a debt ceiling, then its members must have known what that was, and should never have borrowed beyond that limit in the first place. They bail out banks and big-wigs in government-created organizations like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, blame private industry for messing up the economy, and yet they cannot even follow their own rules. Our government is not too big to fail. It deserves to fail, because it was created by a bunch of greedy idiots and supported by mob rule, where the mob is brain-washed into thinking that what they say has any bearing on anything that goes on at the federal level whatsoever.

They, the mobs and their leaders, pray for solutions while they prey on the innocent tax payer. They do not ever open up their rational, objective, thought processes. At least, there is no evidence that any of them do. Instead, the put their “faith” in faith, and they manage to twist that into irrational, greedy, short-term-gain brand of selfishness. They are not behaving in a rationally selfish (self-interested) manner, like a proper, moral human being should behave. There is looking out for number one, then there is sticking your head up your ass. Sadly, so many go for the head gymnastics. The kind of “sport” that leads to pushing other people around like a brute or a bully. Sadly, so many people consider this type of behavior to be patriotic and the equivalent to freedom. Freedom and responsibility is so easily replaced by fear, ignorance and punishment to those with different beliefs and behaviors.

Not all politicians are criminals, but virtually all politicians at the federal level are beneath criminals on any moral scale that anyone can come up with. Most of them don’t think twice before taking money that does not belong to them and giving it away to their friends. Most of them do not worry about the fact that the US troops needlessly occupy so many foreign countries and destroy so many innocent lives, yet they worry about a single, domestically born or unborn child. Obviously, they only pretend to care about children. Many of them use faith-based “science” and “logic” to run their insane lives where they actually believe that telling other people what to do, at threat of fine or prison, is just peachy. They pretend to care about individuals and families, but one look at the prison population proves otherwise. Another look, and we see some of them signing documents that are racist in nature, so either they cannot read or are incompetent leaders, because they cannot pick literate people to help them with their campaigns (Google the news, if you don’t understand the reference).

Actions speak louder than words. The ends can never justify the means, because your means is another person’s end, in any situation where the “plan” involves so many other people without their consent. That is the nature of government. It does stuff to people (or for people) without their consent. Voting is not consent. Voting is simply the result of a brainwashed mob believing that they are achieving something that is positive. People living in the occupied countries don’t even get to vote. Mob rule has led to filling the prisons with marijuana smokers and while murders, rapists, child molesters and bank robbers go free. Drug lords, prison builders, and a lot of delusional Jesus Freaks and other religious zealots, both on the left and right seem to love and support that. They support the “War on Drugs” (war against individual choise and individual responsibility).

They don’t care about America or the American people. Tea-baggers – I am talking to you too. Arrogant lefties and idiot tea-baggers want to spend all of our money on the one hand, and tell us what to do with our lives on the other. They are both faith-based ideologies with little grounding in objective reality. Irrational selfishness on both ends is what I see. The left and right are both speaking out of the wrong end of their bodies, and it really stinks. If we really care about other people, then why get so upset when people outside of the USA get jobs so that they can feed and provide shelter for their families? Nobody is “taking away your job.” It’s not your job to begin with. Grow up, become an adult, and create your own job. Oh, I forgot, you regulated yourself out of that possibility, you stupid idiots! Hey tea-baggers – read a science book, you faith-based hicks! Nobody will take you seriously outside of your tiny group. Ayn Rand was an atheist you religious freaks! Of course, you read Atlas Shrugged in the same way that you “read” the bible – cherry pick, and don’t actually every really read the thing, but let some talking head authoritarian read it too you in bits and chunks, and often out-of-context, so that it sounds better than it really is.

Of course, government always grows until it collapses under its own weight. Government is Entropy at its best! The laws of the Universe conspire to maximize entropy. Life was the first step, but that was nothing compared to the destructive power of government. The best you can do is to bitch about it, or hope to speed up the process. People who like small government don’t need to worry, because the system will collapse. Conservative tea-bagging just slows the process down and makes it more painful for everybody but the rich, Christian rulers (and their Jesus Freak mob following) of this Corporate Oligarchy of the United States. The crazies on the left are just speeding up the process of ultimately shrinking the government, but in no way that anyone ever intended, except perhaps for a handful of terrorists and possibly one or two score of anarchists.

Good and bad intentions pave the road that leads to hell whenever government is involved. Tea-baggers, go read a book about science if you ever want to be taken seriously! It is not the liberal media that makes you appear ignorant and stupid. If we had a free market, we probably would still have a liberal media, but I doubt that we would have 12 billion Christian channels like we do today. Then again, maybe we would – it seems that there is a big mob of people who would still rather cling to that garbage rather, instead, of simply reading a good science book (oh, so germs are causing that and not the devil? – wow, I never knew that! Oh, so there really are dozens of ways of measuring the ages of rocks – and not only that – they overlap and agree? Wow! Cool! The earth really is billions of years old! Wow, so GPS depends on science? I always thought that there was a little Jesus-Prayer-Unit [JPU] inside of my cell phone, and that it always sends prayers to Jesus for the current location. DNA melting point? What’s that? Duhhhhh! Doh! Why does this stuff matter? I don’t understand why people don’t listen to me about economics and government …. ????). Gawd, you are a dumb lot! So sad!

What is one kind of school worse than terrible US government schools (public schools for those of you who do not know how to Google)? The selfish-based, faith-based, private schools that you all went to; learning how to justify steeling and grabbing up all of the valuable property by using government for your own selfish ends, and taught denial of any scientific facts that dissagree with the bits of the bible that have been cherry-picked (I dare you to follow the Ten Commandments – stone your teenagers to death if the show disrespect and dishoner to their parents – oh yeah you forgot to read that part, because you don’t know how to or refuse to actually read anything all the way through because you are lazy or just want to live in your own fairy-tale world. How can the commandment be true, yet the punishments just be some kind of bizzare metaphorical statement? hmmm?). That is not free market. That is not logical, rational thought. Faith-based thought is only useful for those folks who happen to already be rich and in power. They actually believe it is their faith, the free market, and not their guns and bloody theft that put them in power and provide wealth. Pure evil, with a faith-based foundation is all that they follow.

Ignorance, evil, selfishness, and stupidity all worked together to create the problems that we have with have with the economy and foreign policy today. The loonys on the left and the tea party idiots on the right are just marching in step. One should not be surprised by this. Those in the middle are doing the same thing, only “moderate” in their approach (whatever that means). The squeaky wheels on the left and right get all of the grease, even though we (net) tax payers do not necessarily even want the vehicle on which the wheels are attached. … Wait a second – we tax payers are the same people that make up the mob that votes … hmmm…

Is it any wonder that if you put so many selfish idiots in power that government will just grow out of control? The bureaucrats will simply vote for politicians who will increase their budgets. Defence contractors will continue to push for more war. Oil companies will continue to push for more subsidized freeways and will of course side with war contractors, because plenty of fossil fuels can be sold to the military and to the military industrial complex that makes the weapons.

People generally speak out of both sides of their asses. The difference with the left, is that they think they are being rational and objective, and so it is okay to tell everybody else what to do and what is best for everyone. This is usually attempted be redistributing wealth in truly idiotic ways. All you have to do is look at the crack houses where Urban renewal was intended. You idiots forgot that you subsidized the freeways so that the white middle class could move to the suburbs on the backs of the poor (the poor in the cities still have to pay taxes for freeways that they hardly use).

The mob at all extremes (not just the far left and far right) keep forgetting that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The moderates are not all that much different either. Humans are the fifth ape, and the earth really is the planet of the apes.

Perhaps that budget can be ballanced and the deficit can be cut, if we would all stop taking ourselves so seriously, and listen to other points-of-view. I predict that that will never happen. Government is doomed to grow until it collapses one way or another. Do you want to have it collapse quickly or slowly? Vote or don’t vote accordingly. Read a good science book every once in a while. You might learn something useful. The odds are, if you are reading this, you probably will not go out and read a good science book, but I hope I am wrong about that!


Perhaps it is true that death and taxes are inevitable, but we can always strive to minimize taxes and to increase our health and wellbeing while we are still alive. Federal income tax did not exist prior to 1914, except for a brief period during the Civil War (phased out by 1872). This is less than 100 year ago, so we have American citizens alive today whose parents did not pay a dime in Federal income tax – hardly the distant past. Furthermore, mandatory withholding was not established until 1943 (Current Tax Payment Act). This allowed the government to take the American citizens money in monthly or weekly “installments” (pay as you go), a psychological ploy making it appear not so bad to the average tax payer. This “pay as you go” technique is similar to making car payments over a period of time allowing the car dealer to persuade the customer to buy a more expensive car that the customer really should not purchase.

In 1914, the tax rate was 1% on taxable net income above $3000 with the maximum of 7% for incomes above $500,000. During World War I, the top tax rate rose to 77%, went down slightly during the Roaring 20s, but then during World War II, the top rate skyrocketed to 91%! It was not until World War II that the majority of Americans were directly affected by the income tax when exemptions were lowered and a 5% “Victory Tax” was introduced for incomes of over $624. By 1945, nearly three quarters of Americans where paying income tax. The year 1945 strikes me as being neither innocent times nor the distant past.

War can only be justified to stave off the coercive domination of a foreign army or an existing domestic tyrannical regime. The type of violence that blocks coercive force is legitimate. Any group that initiates violence against another group only serves to block cooperation among all the people. In other words, violent coercive acts are the enemy of freedom-loving individuals and the friend of an authoritarian, tyrannical state and its allies. This type of violence is illegitimate.

War only serves the ever increasing dominance of the state over the individual. War and other forms of violence decrease the wealth and freedom of the individual and of society. During time of war, including so-called “Cold Wars”, society’s attention is diverted away from making useful goods and providing desired services. Trade between the warring countries comes to a grinding halt. Civilization’s progress slows down or even reverses.

In the United States, the Cold War led to the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, making a few wealthy at the expense of everyone else both in the United States and abroad. It did not take very many decades of the Cold War before there were U.S. military bases in the majority of countries in the world. The Cold War diverted a significant percentage of the World’s raw natural resources and individual ingenuity away from new innovations, progress and increased wealth, to the creation of property destroying, people killing war machinery. The actions of the U.S military over the last 50 years, causing death and destruction whenever it rears its ugly head, is one reason some international organization’s like al-Qaeda have been so successful at signing up new recruits.

War is much worse, both for society’s progress as a whole, and to the individual’s freedom, than even Socialistic-style domestic regulations placed on commerce. The primary reason is that war and violence permanently destroy lives and property. Governments use war to both justify emergency measures that take away its citizen’s freedom and property, and to increase their hold over their own citizens. War forces young men and women to give up their freedom and even their lives in their prime.

I close by paying even more attention to the wisdom of our founding fathers from that “distant and innocent past”

Here is an excerpt from the original George W’s farewell address:

“Harmony, liberal intercourse with all nations, are recommended by policy, humanity, and interest. But even our commercial policy should hold an equal and impartial hand: — neither seeking nor granting exclusive favors or preferences; — consulting the natural course of things; — diffusing and diversifying by gentle means the streams of commerce, but forcing nothing; establishing with Powers so disposed — in order to give trade a stable course, to define the rights of our Merchants, and to enable the Government to Support them — conventional rules of intercourse, the best that present circumstances and mutual opinion will permit; but temporary, and liable to be from time to time abandoned or varied, as experience and circumstances shall dictate; constantly keeping in view, that `tis folly in one nation to look for disinterested favors from another; — that it must pay with a portion of its independence for whatever it may accept under that character — that by such acceptance, it may place itself in the condition of having given equivalents for nominal favors, and yet of being reproached with ingratitude for not giving more. There can be no greater error than to expect or calculate upon real favors from Nation to Nation. `T is an illusion, which experience must cure, which a just pride ought to discard.”

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Did it ever occur to our wise foreign policy experts that it is not a good idea to occupy a country and then stand around in the middle of a civil war? Did it ever occur to them that Bin Laden is the enemy, he is a criminal that we should seriously go after, without taking so many innocent lives and occupying a country where we know he isn’t?

Doh! Go eat another donut Homer and think it over (while more innocents die). Ever wonder why the countries we tried to fix in the past (North Korea, Viet Nam, Cuba) are three of the few remaining communist countries in the world? We call those foreign policy plan makers experts? Why? Those same guys gave away wheat to our biggest enemy so that they hang around that much longer and they could further scare the American people into building more and more nuclear weapons.

Does it occur to anyone that there is a reason why we have a Constitution of the United States of America? Do most people realize that the last war the USA actually won was WW II, and before we entered the war Roosevelt felt it necessary to ask Congress for a formal Declaration of War? Weather for better or worse, virtually the entire country became united behind the president and did support the troops (literally and figuratively). Funny, considering Roosevelt was not well known for following the US Constitution with so many of his Mew Deal programs that never seemed to go away after the depression faded away.

Consider the following analogy: If a bank robber came from Germany to NYC, robbed a bank, killed 100 people, then fled to England – should we follow the example of our current administration and occupy France so we can capture and kill the world’s bank robbers? We can lure them into France and “fight them on their own territory”. We could kill anyone who happens to be in the same buildings or city block as any potential bank robber might be located.

After we fail to capture any more bank robbers, we could take over Paris and force France to elect a neo-conservative Christian. You know, the ones that believe in the one true invisible man who lives in the sky that created all of the Earths flowers, trees, animals, people and the fishes of the seas in 6 days. Those that believe the world is coming to an end with the Great Rapture. The people who believe killing 8 cells in a test tube is much worse than killing 10s of thousands of brown people ( and several thousand of our own American 18 year old boys) – as long as those “enemy” people are living on the same city block as someone we think might be a terrorist. After all, most of them will eventually burn in Hell anyway since they believe in a slightly different version of the invisible man with their Heaven decorations arranged in totally the wrong way – OMG! Mixing stripes and plaids, and giving the angels the wrong names and the wrong number dancing on the ends of the wrong type of pin heads! Better kill off those stupid people – they think the invisible man wears a turban on his head! Everybody knows he has blue eyes and a blond beard not a black one for God’s sake! And everyone knows those little zygotes already have sacred pixie dust sprinkled on them so they will grow up believing in the right colored invisible beard on and certainly no silly gay-looking invisible turban.

I guess its worth it to kill so many people so that we may end up less free and less secure. George Orwell where are you? Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. New speak is so similar to “Sound Byte Speak”. Then we have those little yellow ribbon bumper stickers, made in China, stuck on the backs of over sized SUVs. Can someone please explain to me what you mean when you say “Support the Troops” – are you actually sending them money or cookies or clean clothes or what? I doubt it. You are simply putting a fake, cheap looking, tacky yellow ribbon sticker on the back of your car and flying a cheap, plastic, made in China (by political prisoners?), American flag; and sometimes dangerously sticking out the side of your car. What are you guys thinking when you do this stuff? At least make it look nice and show the rest of us some respect!

By the way, even if the true reason “we” are in Iraq is simply for the oil, the plan is stupid, foolish and a lost cause. We are using up most of the oil (that Sadam did not already destroy with the fires during Dessert Storm), building the tanks, ships, supplying the troops, and so forth. It would much cheaper, more cost effective, and create fewer dead soldiers (assuming the “oil belongs to us” mentality here, and troops are important entities) to offer 30 cents or $1 more per barrel, than India or China. Please consider that higher oil prices will make alternative, green energy more competitive sooner rather than later.

The cost of solar power is currently equivalent to a little under $200/barrel and rapidly falling with innovative new technologies such as nanonet-based technology already in the prototype stage. There are many other alternatives (sorry but a little Google searching quickly reveals that Government Subsidized Ethanol from Corn is not one of the promising alternatives – don’t be surprised).

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Most federal government employees cannot be fired very easily. That is why they end up hiring so many private contractors to do the actual work. Why work if you will get paid to do whatever is fun for you? Besides, it is perfectly fine to get unearned salaries, when there no need to show a profit. In fact, if some federal agency Y fails to achieve its stated purpose y, the more reason to increase the budget to pay for the vital service imagined by congress – “It must be vital, otherwise why did we, the Mighty Congress, create agency Y in the first place?”

New Federal (Fed) agencies created by Congress (Con) may be defined abstractly as shown:

[Fed(Y) => y‘ + SEM] OR [Fed(Y) => null + SEM]

By substitution, we obtain:

Fed(Y) <=> y” + SEM

  • Where y‘ is some unplanned derivative or offshoot of the original ambiguously defined y usually achieved by hiring more private contractors that design, build, and implement systems based on a set of often vague and ill-planned requirements, and sub-goals within the Fed(Y) organization.

  • y” = [y’ OR null].

  • “null” = {} = {SAM}; null = the empty set = the set of all sets containing Smoke And Mirrors.

  • SEM = Somebody Else’s Money – just make sure Fed(Y) size increases so that sufficient numbers can be counted on to vote and insure that Con(a,b,c,…) all get re-elected next time.

  • “=>” = “implies”, “<=>” = “if and only if”

For the all important “human side” of the Fed(Y,t) (over time, t) must include:

  • Several “reorganizations” to help cover up inevitable failure to achieve. Be sure to create obscure names for each suborganization. Use plenty of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms).

  • Plenty of charts and graphs, since the politicians have all of the smoke and mirrors reserved for themselves.

  • Several meetings, with each meeting containing:

    • Plenty of congratulatory remarks, with emphasis on the great achievements of the full-time Federal employees and the importance of the organization’s continued “success”.

    • Powerpoint slide shows that include the above-mentioned charts and graphs arranged in various orderings and degrees of detail for each meeting

    • Several bullet points thrown in for good measure is a definite “must have”. Be sure to make each bullet point “relevant” for the targeted audience. Keep it simple (or KISS for upper management – Keep it Simple “Stupid”)

A “good” way to effectively achieve most or all of the above is to make the stated goals of Fed(Y) sufficiently vague, so that y ‘ lands somewhere in the ballpark of “achieving” the vague legal-sleaze spewing out of the mouths of the deceitful politicians mouths that eager beaver “informed listeners” love to lap up while listening to these professional manipulators live on CNN or distorted even further on Fox, CBS, PBS or NBC – depending on “taste” for the less fortunate (I listen to PBS – guilty! – but at least they pretend to discuss relevant “sides” to the latest fad policies – that’s my excuse for right now… ;).

Even ranking military officers end up hiring private contractors for their body guards in Iraq! Does this mean the private contractors do a better job than the government employees even in this extreme case?

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Thousands Standing Around department loses hard drive (why am I not surprised)

I am not surprised because Government rarely works well. Isn’t this the second or third agency that has lost its hard drives with employee records in the last year (or is it the 4th) ?

TSA => Thousands Standing Around. This agency is just one of the many reasons we have less security and less freedom then prior to the awful 9/11 attacks.

Perhaps someday (perhaps sooner than later) there will be an MSA = Mall Security Authority => Millions Standing Around.

In the likelihood that something like an MSA does eventually become a seriously discussed option, eager ‘patriots’ (professional public manipulators, or PPM) will blame the private mall security that most modern shopping malls have today for some terrible event that will surely occur (if we continue our foolish interventionist foreign policy). The PPM will then use the event (we will call this future event N/M, where 1 >= N <= 12; 1 <= M <= 31) as an excuse to create yet another government bureaucracy. Because of the PPM propaganda on N/M, our freedom and security level will both go down yet another notch or two or three. I believe this scenario is more likely than not within the next decade or two.

Let me summarize just some of the reasons why I believe that PPM + N/M => MSA OR MSA‘:

  1. New federal agencies create more federal employees. Federal employees tend to vote for congress members who are in favor of creating, maintaining, and growing new agencies. The classic snowball effect is thus triggered.
  2. Any N/M event combined with the PPM adds a further incentive for both Congress and the Executive to push for yet another agency.
  3. The Military Industrial Complex has a vested interest in continuing with the foreign policy of the last 50 years.
  4. The current foreign policy is fatally flawed, and is not likely to significantly change any time soon, due to the clever and highly effective propaganda put out by the PPM and the multiple feedback loops that generate among the press, the politicians, the public at large, Congress, the Executive, and continually reinforced and is amplified further by the PPM. The PPM itself usually starts out as a small group within the Executive branch working along side the Military Industrial Complex, however as the looping process takes hold, the PPM grows and snowballs until it reaches a point of critical mass that is virtually impossible to resist.

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