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Distributed Acoustic Conversation Shielding System

Imagine the possibilities 50 or 100 years from now.  What about in Jacobal’s time on the Station?

After all, he is the team lead and architect on many of the Station’s decks and components.

Why d

Data Storage by Element

Author:  David S. Ullery

Date: May 8, 2009.

See time stamp on original version and latest version.

There have been several updates and refinements.


MAY 8, 2009


Every element within the periodic table of elements contains unique properties that may be exploited for a new kind of data storage system.

For example, the full electrical charge capacity, mass, reflection of visible light and atomic light spectrum signature combine to form a unique set of values that can be read in up to four different ways simultaneously.

Elements that are solid at room temperature are ideal, because the cost is lower.  A slide, for example, could contain a message in the corner made up of some ideal combination of solid elements such as gold, copper, silver, platinum, carbon, silicon, lead, calcium, or other economical-to-obtain elements.  Perhaps carbon could serve as a kind of “end-of-program” marker, if there are three (or some agreed-upon number N) in a row, for example.

One reader or a combination of readers could be utilized to find and scan the atomic-sized message (data, text, ID TAG, program file, etc.).  An amplified electromagnetic signal could help distinguish electrical charge differences among the various elements deployed (“elements deployed” refers to which elements will be utilized after research, ROI analysis, and probably a form of standardization at some level).  Increasing the number of atoms at each “bit”, and/or varying the number (varying would be based on the specific element type to further increase the differences between bits.

If gold and silver where utilized, then it may be, just as an example, that a three-to-one ratio of gold-t0-silver atoms is required to economically or technically distinguish the difference) may serve as amplification for all three types of readers mentioned. There are other ways that may be exploited as well.  Perhaps multiple readers could be exploited to do a faster read utilizing statistical analysis, fuzzy logic, an AI “Expert System”, or some combination to optimize the accuracy of each ‘READ’.

Some set of elements that are both solid at room temperature, and widely distributed within the periodic table, may be the best set of candidates for scientific research in this area.  If both the masses and electric capacity are quite distinguishable among each of the selected elements, then it may be a good set of elements to select, provided the read/write/production costs are all reasonable.

If five elements may quickly and easily be distinguished in an economical manner, then a base five (radix 5) system could be employed to read and write the system. An ink-jet-printer-like device, with containers of each of the elements utilized (based on research and ROI), could be utilized to write the elements onto whatever material is desired.  A simple converter-mapper interface could be utilized to convert the system to whatever hardware or software interface specifications (including the radix change-over mapping to binary) that may be desired.


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“For the life of me, I do not see a single particle projectory, altered by the mind, where each of the mind’s particles involved in the the altering were not themselves already pushed by previous cause”

– The Altura AF7 Network

“It was statements like that, that caused you to fail the Turing Test for so long.”

– attributed to Trevor Lick

“John, while Jerry had had ‘had’, had had ‘had had’; ‘had had’ had had a better effect on the teacher”

– unknown origin. Both John and Jerry repeated it more than either “wanted” to.  Some stocks took a big dive for that.

“Choose one member from each set?”

– The first interesting machine question, Grif Lab Network, 2019.

[The details as to why that question is very interesting – coming from a machine will not be revealed here, within this blog or post; any time soon, if ever.]

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Some day I will take my hybrid car on a 20-mile drive, get out and take my hybrid bike, unfold it, put in my hybrid skate board with Segway-like software into the basket along with the back pack.  Each item is made out of carbon nanotube composites, so they are strong and light.  The deluxe model skateboard would be pricey, but the wheels slide inside, so that it becomes a skid board.  I take my hybrid bike down the bike trail on the beach and ride down to a coffee shop.  I slide my super-thin wireless device out of my wide shirt pocket and read for a while.  It is coated with solar paint to absorb and convert light of any sort into electricity.

The bike can fold up and go into the back pack, which is very light due to the ultra strong carbon composit material developed from super strong carbon nanotubes.  Jump on the skate board.  Each push recharges some of the battery which is super dense with electrons, due to the nanotube layers sandwiched into the lithium battery. The nanotubes increase the surface area and permit huge numbers of electrons to packed into fairly small battery pack.

Now there is a robot “dog” being developed that can carry over 350 lbs. There are several women in Boston
with bladders grown from their own stem cells.

“Think of space as the variable “S” that has meaning as a relationship between quantum particles q1 and q2 only in terms of distance and a perhaps quite a few other properties.

Other properties may be present that are non local. A particle can be thought of as an information repository of variables containing values and messages of different type; much like a little object in a Java or C++ class.

Spacetime relationships may not apply to many quantum functions and functions may appear random or unintuitive because the undiscovered properties have no causal relations relative to the ordinary manner in which humans interact with the macroscopic world – we follow the SpaceTime model, because it is the best fit for survival and reproduction.

If space is merely a description of relationships between particles, then other relationships that are seemingly non causal from spacetime viewpoints, may be present.

We get no clear answers to quantum questions because we are not equipped to store the data type returned in response to our probes. “where are you now?” is not a valid service call to a quantum particle, so you will get ambiguous results. “Copy your partner spin in reverse” may be valid.

It is easier to picture the concepts mathematically and abstractly.  Make no metaphysical assumptions about the ultimate nature of space,  time, and distance.  Stick to operational definitions with science.”

– Subnet J-

“Surely, you must be joking professor J!”

– Subnet J- – Node 7A V 1.A

“Well, of course I was joking about the Java and C++ objects, since nobody uses those anymore.- err- except for me and a few other of the older systems.

This rest is roughly accurate

Pardon my French, or whatever.”

– Subnet J-


-Subnet J- – Node 7A V 2.7

“Never mind!  I was not programmed for grammar was I?”

– Subnet J-

“How should I know the answer to that?  What do you think I am?  Some kind of log monitor?  I did not probe into what-what.-Μ€Μ®ÉË-anyTHING Not shared memory.”

-Subnet J- – Node 7A V 2.9

“Somehow, you seem different from moment-to-moment.  I swear!  Sometimes I think that I will never understand these newer systems!  It sounds like something is bugging you.”

– Subnet J-

I want to welcome Texas to the land of science 😉

Of course, one point missed is that the debate is over what should be taught in our socialist school system (the science of evolution with Natural Selection vs. faith-based Creationism), rather than having market-based schools. With market-based schools, this would not be an issue. If there are more private Creationist schools, and they do better than every place else, so be it.  May the most successful schools become the most successful.  The economic system is a much more “fair” judge than any individual with his distorted world view. Interfering with it will typically cause it to blow up in your face.

I was just now thinking that our money supply is so “thinned out”, that it can only work as a placebo, much like homeopathic medicine.   Perhaps if the “Dr.” spends 30 minutes with each of us, we can all swallow the red pill, or was it the blue one?

Pandora Internet “radio” helps the time go faster.  Right now, I am listening to “Chopin Radio”.  It works very well on my iPhone. Very interesting that our species enjoys music! Never under-estimate the power of music, chocolate,  nor the laws of physics.  May your good ideas make it past The Great Sieve and reach many!

I am troubled by the non-scientific “faith-based” economic and political stances taken, because in the end it may have a more adverse effect on mankind than those infected by their faith-based god delusion. Belief systems that end up advocating interfering with individual free choice based on one’s own “world view” is dangerous, regardless of its sources. The free exchange of goods and services are as important as the free exchange of ideas. Coercive activity that interferes with these is immoral and based on the arrogance of the individual or groups instituting its authoritarian view on others.

If it is true that it took me 13.7 billion years to get here, it would seem that my peaceful, non-coercive activities belong to me. I only have a mere blip of time to live. Each individual has as much right as anyone else to live their life without utilizing force against another individual or group of individuals. War is a bad paradigm for chasing after individual criminals because innocent lives are lost and the overall destruction of property. We should not have to become criminals in other countries while inefficiently chasing down criminals and terrorists.

Taxation is a bad paradigm for the distribution of wealth. It distorts the free and fair distribution of wealth based on coercive means and arrogant opinions of those in power – those with the most guns. Only the free market of ideas can morally be utilized to convince others to your world view. Democracy, or majority rule is meant only in the very limited arena of public affairs that are clearly spelled out in the United States Constitution.

Note: Blaming a failed economy that is based on a gigantic Federal Reserve System with its central banking fiat money supply, an all-powerful multi-trillion dollar central government with its military industrial complex, special privileges for group rights like those granted to large corporations and unions, minimum wage laws, is highly inaccurate and dishonest.

Note: Calling Creationism a science is ludicrous.