“Think of space as the variable “S” that has meaning as a relationship between quantum particles q1 and q2 only in terms of distance and a perhaps quite a few other properties.

Other properties may be present that are non local. A particle can be thought of as an information repository of variables containing values and messages of different type; much like a little object in a Java or C++ class.

Spacetime relationships may not apply to many quantum functions and functions may appear random or unintuitive because the undiscovered properties have no causal relations relative to the ordinary manner in which humans interact with the macroscopic world – we follow the SpaceTime model, because it is the best fit for survival and reproduction.

If space is merely a description of relationships between particles, then other relationships that are seemingly non causal from spacetime viewpoints, may be present.

We get no clear answers to quantum questions because we are not equipped to store the data type returned in response to our probes. “where are you now?” is not a valid service call to a quantum particle, so you will get ambiguous results. “Copy your partner spin in reverse” may be valid.

It is easier to picture the concepts mathematically and abstractly.  Make no metaphysical assumptions about the ultimate nature of space,  time, and distance.  Stick to operational definitions with science.”

– Subnet J-

“Surely, you must be joking professor J!”

– Subnet J- – Node 7A V 1.A

“Well, of course I was joking about the Java and C++ objects, since nobody uses those anymore.- err- except for me and a few other of the older systems.

This rest is roughly accurate

Pardon my French, or whatever.”

– Subnet J-


-Subnet J- – Node 7A V 2.7

“Never mind!  I was not programmed for grammar was I?”

– Subnet J-

“How should I know the answer to that?  What do you think I am?  Some kind of log monitor?  I did not probe into what-what.-Μ€Μ®ÉË-anyTHING Not shared memory.”

-Subnet J- – Node 7A V 2.9

“Somehow, you seem different from moment-to-moment.  I swear!  Sometimes I think that I will never understand these newer systems!  It sounds like something is bugging you.”

– Subnet J-