Sometimes my posts are edited at much later dates from their initial postings. Usually, the late updates are spelling or grammar corrections, but sometimes there are new updates, modifications, and additions made to the posting. Sometimes story endings change to something more interesting.

The idea is to constantly improve upon my blog, while at the same time, freeing me to be spontaneous with the initial posting.

If someone were to study the editing history of hundreds of Internet bloggers, and the bloggers did not edit their postings offline, they might learn something new about how the mind works. Steven Pinker comes to mind – no pun intended.

You will find science fiction stories, political commentary, poetry, music, science and technology postings written, or performed and “composed” by myself.

In the case of the music, there was never any music written down, but It is just memorized and evolved over a long period of perhaps 40 or more years. I have not worked with the music that much, lately, but the intention here is that they are a part of one of the science fiction threads that mention a Child’s Toy. The poetry fits in, in exactly the same way. The music and poetry is all generated by an AI Child’s toy of the fictional future.

Perhaps all of these stories and postings were actually generated by the fictional toy from the future that spontaneously generated itself and the other postings.

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