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I want to welcome Texas to the land of science 😉

Of course, one point missed is that the debate is over what should be taught in our socialist school system (the science of evolution with Natural Selection vs. faith-based Creationism), rather than having market-based schools. With market-based schools, this would not be an issue. If there are more private Creationist schools, and they do better than every place else, so be it.  May the most successful schools become the most successful.  The economic system is a much more “fair” judge than any individual with his distorted world view. Interfering with it will typically cause it to blow up in your face.

I was just now thinking that our money supply is so “thinned out”, that it can only work as a placebo, much like homeopathic medicine.   Perhaps if the “Dr.” spends 30 minutes with each of us, we can all swallow the red pill, or was it the blue one?

Pandora Internet “radio” helps the time go faster.  Right now, I am listening to “Chopin Radio”.  It works very well on my iPhone. Very interesting that our species enjoys music! Never under-estimate the power of music, chocolate,  nor the laws of physics.  May your good ideas make it past The Great Sieve and reach many!

I am troubled by the non-scientific “faith-based” economic and political stances taken, because in the end it may have a more adverse effect on mankind than those infected by their faith-based god delusion. Belief systems that end up advocating interfering with individual free choice based on one’s own “world view” is dangerous, regardless of its sources. The free exchange of goods and services are as important as the free exchange of ideas. Coercive activity that interferes with these is immoral and based on the arrogance of the individual or groups instituting its authoritarian view on others.

If it is true that it took me 13.7 billion years to get here, it would seem that my peaceful, non-coercive activities belong to me. I only have a mere blip of time to live. Each individual has as much right as anyone else to live their life without utilizing force against another individual or group of individuals. War is a bad paradigm for chasing after individual criminals because innocent lives are lost and the overall destruction of property. We should not have to become criminals in other countries while inefficiently chasing down criminals and terrorists.

Taxation is a bad paradigm for the distribution of wealth. It distorts the free and fair distribution of wealth based on coercive means and arrogant opinions of those in power – those with the most guns. Only the free market of ideas can morally be utilized to convince others to your world view. Democracy, or majority rule is meant only in the very limited arena of public affairs that are clearly spelled out in the United States Constitution.

Note: Blaming a failed economy that is based on a gigantic Federal Reserve System with its central banking fiat money supply, an all-powerful multi-trillion dollar central government with its military industrial complex, special privileges for group rights like those granted to large corporations and unions, minimum wage laws, is highly inaccurate and dishonest.

Note: Calling Creationism a science is ludicrous.