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Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy. God non existence of.

Douglas Adams : Radical Atheist

I encourage others to post their own links which contain a different point of view. Do you believe in The Golden Rule? I do. Perhaps you have a different world view that you would care to share…

Creation Science


The following educational videos are intended for believers in the God of Abraham (targeted mostly toward Christians), please watch at least a few of these very short videos with your intelligent, rational open mind…

… Perhaps you feel the above videos miss the point? Perhaps they do. On the other hand, consider this: You may be missing the point and the intention for the so-called “other side.” Do you believe in Love and the joy of music? I do. Did you know that many atheists have a very positive, optimistic viewpoint on life? Many of us see and enjoy the music of Bach, and appreciate the the literature and lessons in the bible. One cannot appreciate the goodness (and evil) behind Western Civilization without reading and understanding the bible.

I doubt that Bach was thinking about stoning people to death as a punishment for violating on of God’s commandments when he wrote “The Passion.”

Perhaps you underestimate the power and beauty of mathematics, the awe that scientists feel when they view the Universe through their eyes. Maybe, just maybe you misjudge the feelings and world view of others.

Maybe there is more to the scientific method than meets the eye…

Perhaps we should learn to get along and tolerate different world views, but does that mean the we should tolerate a world view that advocates random killing and death of innocents? Does one evil deed on one side require another evil deed on the other? Are you sure you understand your own position of what you are advocating? How do you know you are right?

Consider this: No matter what you believe, most people think you are wrong. Surely there is not a single person on the planet who is absolutely right about everything. Maybe your world view has some flaws in it, and maybe you misinterpret what other people or teachings are saying.

Learn more …

Richard Dawkins:Lecture1. Waking up in the universe (1 of 7)

  • The Brights – “A bright is a person who has a naturalistic worldview …”

… Here is a different take on religion, with a different point-of-view that a friend sent me:
Vexon Crabtree on Single God Religions

More videos….

  • Stephen Hawking interviewed on “Yair Lapid” Answers “God question” at the end.
  • Atheism: A Rough History Of Disbelief ep.1 prt.1 This is a very nice documentary.

… See the rest of A Rough History simply by scrolling through YouTube….

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  • A 3-D View of the Brain

    Imaging software combines data from several imaging technologies to create an interactive 3-D map of the brain.

Listen to the audio version.  Pretty good computer voice!

Johns Hopkins researchers uncovered evidence that white matter in mouse brain communicate with each other in a manner similar to communication that takes place with gray matter cells.

Find out why you better get a good night’s sleep!

“Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have demonstrated that neurons cultured outside the brain can be imprinted with multiple rudimentary memories that persist for days without interfering with or wiping out others…”

Neuropsin protein exists only in humans.


Brain Control Monkey


Neurons and How they Work


Jeff Hawkins (@ TED): Brain Science is about to Fundamentally Change


Rat’e Neurons (in dish) Learn How to Fly an Aeroplane



Mirror Neurons


Stephen Pinker Lecture



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John and Jerry Part I – The Continuing Story of Dr. Chasey Lick

Author: David S. Ullery

May 4, 2007

Note:  Modified on 7/29/2008

Part II to become available soon!

Just barely after John awakened from his new upgrade installation, he mentalmarked to Jerry:

But, try to never overly split infinitives, never say “never” too many times in one sentence, never write lengthy, overly descriptive “run on sentences” (one should avoid the over use of parenthesis, lengthy quotations, and italicized words nested within; such as the infamous sentence: “John, while Jerry had had ‘had’, had had ‘had had’; ‘had had’ had had a better affect on the teacher.” – avoid dashes and confusing the meanings of words like affect and effect, and speling errors); never begin a sentence with “But”, never write self-referencing sentences (this sentence speaks for itself), and last but not least, avoid clichés, redundancies, repeating oneself, and never end a sentence with “and”.

Jerry replied verbally, “Oh, Okay. Thanks for the tip, I will keep that in mind. I think you need more rest!”

John fell back to sleep and would sleep for another 10 hours. While drifting off, his head was full of many strange ideas that were oddly self-referential and whimsical. Where or when had he heard (or seen – he must have seen it – so very very odd!) that strange brain script before?

Jerry closed his eyes, thought for a moment about his friend’s half-conscious, grammatically-odd musings and began laughing to himself. “This sentence has no content other than eight words.” briefly appeared in his mind’s eye, and he laughed and wondered “which eight?” Jerry had had the same upgrade last Tuesday. He suddenly felt hungry for eye of newt, because that is what the witch ate.

Jerry figured that his aberrant thoughts, bizzare appetite, and sudden quaint paranomasia propensity all indicated that his upgrade needed some adjusting, so he pinged Dr. Lick over the web (of course). Dr. Lick’s avatar assistent told Jerry not to worry, she knew what to do (of course), and asked Jerry to lie down on the vacant bed just next to John’s.

Dr. Lick’s avatar left a short mentalmark for the good doctor to notice after it would reach the front of her priority queue:

The patients John and Jerry are both sound asleep. Jerry had had a premature unstable communication linkup with his colleague John right after John had awoken! Recommend adjustments to the upgrade instructions to avoid this side effect on future patients. Please proceed with the minor adjustments to the BrocaScript upgrade unit as soon as possible.

Dr. Chasey Lick had just turned 17 last week and had only began practicing medicine for one and a half years, but she knew that she only had a few hours to act, otherwise both patients would have about a 30% likelihood of suffering from expressive aphasia-like symptoms that would be both difficult and very expensive to repair. Chasey’s reputation was on the line! She was swiftly becoming well regarded in the new BrocaScript specialty, and she could not afford any setbacks. Many of Chasey’s colloquies had expressed concern over her young age, both in front of and behind her back.

Without hesitation, and with great skill, Dr. Lick  swiftly located, modified and downloaded the script that both John and Jerry’s nano-implants would need to adjust and repair their identically-flawed upgrades. John and Jerry would both surely recover after completing their lengthy sleep. Chasey made sure to include a mental note in the script to remind the two patients not to attempt any mentalmarking for at least 8 hours after awakening!

Chasey could relax now, at least for a bit, and get back to her hobby of ancestral searching. She was delighted and amazed with a recent discovery of what appeared to be a quaint old technology known as a slideshow that showed old photographs depicting what was once called a mini-vacation that her great-great-grand-parents must have taken so very long ago. The young doctor leaned back in her flexchair, closed her eyes, propped her feet up on her beautiful oldish Aerogel coffee table.  Chasey slowly took in a deep relaxing breath of high-oxygenated filtered air, further enhancing her newly acquired meditative state, then viewed the old slideshow.

Although the conscious part of Chasey was virtually completely relaxed, a remote part of her subconscious mind was busily processing, puzzling over, and concerned over the concept of, and the possibility of the spread of a potentially new type of meme virus

Chasey’s mind wandered some more, as she started thinking about her poor father, Trevor and his odd story. She laughed nervously, then began to cry once again, as she often did whenever she thought of her daddy.

too be continued …

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