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Author:  David S. Ullery

Date:  May 13, 2009 (revised post)

Water ploughs (plows) will filter water and fish getting their power from giant kite sails.

The water and protein will supply more than the world’s needs.

Entire families may live, eat and drink cheaply on smaller versions.

As humans move beyond earth, we will demand more energy and resources.

The rising tides will supply some of that need. Better make use of it.

Fish recognition software will be utilized to capture only specific species, based on renewable supply and demand.

Water filters will utilize nanotechnology to efficiently extract and filter purified water directly from the ocean.

Integrated automation will run everything on board.

Additional power will be available on these plough boats from solar power. Nanotechnology will play a major role in the development of future state-of-the-art solar technology. Solar film is created utilizing arrays of tiny antennas to pick up the energy from a vast spectrum of light; both visible and invisible light will be absorbed. Other films are created made of different paints that further absorb the visible light.

A very large system of ploughs may someday be controlled or monitored by one or two humans, or perhaps the machines will be intelligent enough to run everything and monitor themselves.

Water and protein may be used as a carrot to certain countries in exchange for solar power (e.g. in parts of Africa) and aid in the capture of world criminals, such as Pirates and Terrorists.

Efficient technologies may economically extract large amounts of hydrogen and oxygen from some of the purified water. Gold, other minerals, plankton and microscopic ocean creatures may be separated out into individual components for later use.

Microscopic ocean creatures will be utilized by re-engineering them for our own purposes. They are well adapted for swimming in salty liquids. Some will be adapted for the creation of tiny robots programmed to select and identify certain minerals, dynamically adjustable, based on current resource needs, supply and demand. Swarm intelligence will be used to allow for the collection of large amounts of a given set of resources. Other robots may be programmed to evaluate available resources in a more general way.

Seaweed will be farmed efficiently as well. It will be grown and picked up by the same plow-ships. Nanobots will tend to them. Nanobots will tend to some of the varieties of fish too. They will act as a kind of human-programmed parasite to control, and farm the fish from within each individual fish brain.

Sushi will not die


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