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My “new” rule is not really new. Use words as they are commonly understood, or fully explain your usage up front. Bill Maher has a list of “New Rules” on his HBO comedy with political satire talk show.

Stop calling smaller increases in the projected future spending rate above an already baselined increase,”cuts.”

If I get a smaller than projected raise at work, I still appreciate it and call it a raise. A raise is a “raise” whether I like it or not, actually.

Let’s stick to the common understanding of the word “cut”. If the pilot cuts the engines of an airplane, It does not continue to accelerate upward. If I cut spending at home, it means that I now spend less than I did in the past, not less than what I wish I could spend.

“Collateral damage” sounds like someone’s fence and back yard was blown up. Stop using it to refer to the killing of innocent men, women and children on a foreign soil, in countries where there was no formal declaration of war, by Congress, in a country that has no weapons of mass distraction, nor ties with the terrorists who attacked the United States. Stop calling dead people “collateral damage” in a just war, properly declared so, by Congress, if that ever comes up again.

Stop calling “24-hour time” “military time”. The Military never invented anything. Engineers and scientists do most of the inventing for them these days, but 24-hour clocks go back to the days of the church centuries ago. The monks needed clocks to wake up and pray. 12-hour clocks are easier for watch and clock makers to make, mechanically. It does not matter, once electronic watches were invented. Either way is equally easy to display the time. Just pick the right functions or object messages. At least the military recognizes the need for, and actively pursues outside talent to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to brains and great ideas. Individuals WITHIN the military certainly contribute, but those are individuals first, and none invented modern time keeping.

Personally, I think a better plan would be the following:

Give a 700 billion dollar tax rebate (that should be around 3,500 each tax payer if there are now 200 million tax payers) with the following caveat:

You must immediately deposit your money into one or more banks or financial institutions for at least 6 months before spending. You may electronically transfer any amount at anytime during this period.

The institutions will compete for their piece of the 700 billion.
Let the bad loans fail or folks like Warren Buffet may buy them at highly discounted values.

Another consideration:

Place a freeze on the paper money supply for 6 months. They (the FED) may not print up anymore money during this period.

This would be a bailout for “main street not wall street”, so the Democrats should be happy. It is also a “free market solution”, so the Republicans should be happy.
In addition, the taxpayer will not lose any money, unless they make a very bad choice or take a very high risk with their $3,500 investments over the next 6 months.

The FED did a bad thing by making interest rates artificially low.

� anyway, just a thought.

FYI – interesting take on the whole thing:

Here is one more. … now that the stakes are even higher.

… I remember Ron Paul saying not too long ago that the numbers would be way higher before this was all through.  He is in touch with plenty of inside information on this.  He knows how the politicians cannot constrain themselves.

My feeling is that even Lord Keynes would be spinning in his grave by now.  How can a scientific, mathematical economic formula  possibly come close to working if there are polititians making decisions that are rather arbitrary.

Even Homer Simpson would have said “doh!” by now.  Politicians make me chuckle and they make me cry.  The well-intended ones must simply be stupid or have volunteered to remain ignorant.