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Consciousness was a side effect of the system’s feedback capabilities. Consciousness augments reaction time and internal mappings with additional looping, by “shocking” the system with additional electrical impulses. A machine or an animal becomes conscious to the level necessary to carry out survival tasks.

There is a kind of “tipping point” at which the illusion of “the will” increases this looping to dramatic proportions. Man was the first animal, and then machine to posses a will, realized Jon, now 100% machine. We can think of future, possible events, make predictions about possible outcomes, and then make real decisions, based on these conscious reflections upon reflections. It is in our nature to do so. First, we run the simulations in our brains, then we act. The real act has no real trial run permitted to it. The real act is the one and only set of events that nature permits to occur during any time t to t + n.

Interestingly, more and more of this little spot in the known Universe was reaching this self-reflecting level, due to the rapid building of the AI machines. Would the entire galaxy eventually become self-aware? Jon wondered. He did not doubt that there was a good chance that this could not be so. Where would they get their energy needs? Energy demand has always kept up with supply.

Jon realized that there was a very good chance that he would never return home. His journey was one-way, and many did not survive the very risky journey. Only those over 1000 years old were permitted to attempt the highly risky warp jump.

Nobody could afford any real tests, and only computer simulations were utilized during the test phase. The engine was simply too expensive to test. There would be no good way to communicate back any data.

Jon was happy to have survived, but he was in great need to attempt to calculate his current position, and determine where to obtain resources. Jon detected a dim light off in the distance. Perhaps it was over 1000 light years away, or perhaps, only one. Jon had no reference, and he was not sure of what the source could be. It must be a signal from another survivor!

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I feel that my body is merging with my technology right now.
Waiting for the Singularity does not seem bright, somehow.

Where is this place that I am focusing on? Could it be my technology?

Trevor and Jakobal both had similar dreams. They were destined to meet. One to destroy the other. Jakobal had managed to arrange the meeting on The Station. In a sector under Jakobal’s personal supervision!

Jakobal wondered why Trevor would accept such a location without any haggling or debate, however he did not let it bother him. He set to work on his special cloaking shield that would work only in the special lighting that he had set up in the area of the planned meeting.  No other cloak would work, yet the lighting trick would be undetectable to the human eye or to primitive, cheap devices. Jakobal did not expect Trevor to bring much technology that was not intended as an offensive weapon designed specifically for the destruction of Jakobal.  Trevor would never detect the lighting trick.

 Jakobal saw Trevor arrive and so he walked away from the wall, and toward the center of the rather large area of  the space station.  The ceiling’s shape was an arc – a very large arc, and about 100 meters above.  Gravity was at about 0.85G in this sector, because it was the best level for growing the new circuits that were supporting the funding of most of this level on the giant space station known as “The Station.” 

One could see other occupied areas off on distant decks.  Some windows were lit with dim lights, or rather; they appeared to be dim, due to their large distance away from Jakobal and Trevor.  Jakobal turned on his cloak, becoming invisible to Trevor.  Trevor had released his weapon at the same time.  It was a tiny disk.  The disk sliced into the cloak, rendering Jakobal temporarily visible in outline.  The cloak quickly repaired itself as Jakobal began to run at full speed toward the edge of the deck.  The disk obediently returned to Trevor’s left hand.

One of Jakobal’s remote control personal ‘copters flew by.  Jakobal lept onto the ‘copter’s platform and flew away.  Jakobal had never intended to kill Trevor.  Trevor had never intended to kill Jakobal.  These were different times now.  It was well into the twenty-second century now after all!  Nobody, just fifty years ago, would have thought that such unusual rituals would be taking place right now, but similar rituals were becoming popular replacements for war.

The ‘copter turned toward Trevor as Jakobal leapt back down to the deck just behind Trevor.  Jakobal kicked Trevor in the back of the head, with the back of his boot heel, on his way back down to the deck.  Trevor rolled head over heals, but then recovered, thanks to the assistance of his balance-assist technology.

Trevor laid out flat on his face. Invisible machines began to repair his wounds at an incredible pace. Trevor would be fine, but he did not feel like getting up for a long time.  Jakobal began to slowly walk over to see if his rival was alright.  Just then, Trevor’s image began to flicker and disappear.  The real Trevor had not yet arrived.  Virtual machines were repairing virtual wounds, yet they were real machines at the same time.  They were a very large swarm of very small bots. There were 1,048,576 of them to be precise.  Each bot communicating with its partners, they have the ability to start-up each other’s backup software and hardware, if needed.  Often time, the bots can boot-up their own backups without any assistance.

Jakobal was shocked!  “How was it that he could feel Trevor’s head when he kicked him?”, he wondered.  Just then, the real Trevor arrived and grinned straight at Jakobal. 

“The Libertarian King is not as powerful as you think!”, said Trevor as he continued to grin at Jakobal.  Trevor laughed. His laugh sounded almost silly, but Jakobal could tell that Trevor found something to be terribly funny at the moment.

“Don’t you remember those toys you used to alpha-test just a few years back when you were a young teenager?”, Trevor continued.  “Those toys were much more than poetry, music and story writing machines. The AI was much more powerful than what was publicly known for the time.  You and the king are just two of many thousands of examples of powerful people who are partially influenced by my will, due to the sophisticated devices that were hidden within those toys.  I do not have complete control over either of you, but I do have influence, and me telling you this does not diminish it one bit.  You are now very firmly convinced that my ideas are your ideas and that you concluded that they were good, based on rationally thinking through all of the options.   One idea that was mine was for you to devise the time and place for our meeting and for you to create a special cloak.  I came up with the idea of having a ritual like this in the first place.  It is much better than war, and it can be fun.  It encourages the development of new technology.”

Jakobal shot a disk of his own directly at Trevor. It sliced into Trevor’s skull – immediately killing him. Jakobal hopped back onto his ‘copter and flew back to his sleeping quarters.  The electric ‘copter was a smooth, fast, yet very quiet ride.  Jakobal slept for twelve hours.

The real Trevor quickly arrived after Jakobal’s departure and picked up his dead clone-droid. His two assistant bots quickly, and efficiently cleaned up the bloody mess.  The clone-droid would be farmed for spare parts.

Deep down, Jakobal suspected that Trevor was not really dead. That was too simple.  Trevor was a man who had survived his own suicide when he was very young.  Nobody could prove it was faked, but everyone knew it must have been.  Trevor Lick was freakishly smart, yet mentally ill to some extent.

Jakobal thought it wise to keep the entire incident to himself. “If something comes up that reveals my involvement, then let it present itself on its own”, Jakobal thought.  Jakobal then flew a ‘copter back to the scene of the brawl from the previous night.   At that moment, he realized that Trevor was indeed still alive!  Trevor was the winner and now they both knew that fact.

Trevor giggled to himself.  Jakobal laughed at himself.  They both sat by themselves, as they usually did.  Jakobal began thinking about the women in his life.  Trevor began thinking about his most recent technologically based ideas.  They both had more-or-less the same dream that night.They both thought and dreamt about their next meeting.


The Technocrats were becoming more and more wealthy. They had cornered the market in just every possible area that there was to be cornered.  However, war was still missed by some.  It was war that had allowed some of them to create so many copies of the same technology – over and over again – only to destroy them, and start over again.  The rituals were a compromise.  They could be considered as a part of the defence budget for a Nation State.  Jakobal was the personification of this concept.  Trevor was the reality of what can result from the folly of the Nation State.  The Libertarian King was supposed to eliminate these problems by virtually eliminating the Nation State.  He had succeeded too, with the exception of three to five “Terrorist States.”  Every Nation State that was not under the control of the culture created by the Libertarian King was deemed to be a Terrorist State.

There were still the “Terrorist Wars”.  They seemed to never end.  New drones could follow suspected terrorists for days before striking – sometimes on its own, and sometimes with the permission of a commanding officer.  These wars only involved a few hundred troops  – with a few million very smart robots and drones.  The wars served their purpose, but they were never enough to satisfy a few of the greediest of the Technocrats.  They wanted a return to the Corporate Oligarchy of the early 21st Century.  They wanted nothing less than the return of The U.S. Empire with big Energy and big Technology (but now one in the same) at the helm.

Jakobal works for the king now, although he is a very well established architect too.  Trevor works for himself and employed a few thousand humans.  Trevor’s main staff consists of intelligent robots, computers, and a few androids. The androids are largely employed for contact with humans or other androids.  Some of the androids have claimed independence and have petitioned for legal Rights.  Trevor is willing to grant them those Rights, but the community is resisting. The Libertarian King is arguing in favor of individual rights for any machine that convincingly shows that it is capable of surviving on its own as appears to be sentient. Jakobal agrees.  Trevor grins.

Jakobal could not help but consider Trevor’s remarks.  Could it be true that many of his thoughts and opinions were strongly influenced by subtle nudges of Trevor’s nanotechnology? 

“Did little robots get inside my head?”, he wondered; “What had Trevor meant, exactly?”

Version 2

Some feel that Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is just hype and will never truly happen.  They are mostly confused, because we can see under the hood at the details of AI programs, but we do not yet see such detail within the human brain.  Some will point to the massive, dumb searching techniques of chess game programs, or the emotion recognition algorithms in robots that then produce “fake” emotional expressions on their synthetic faces as evidence. 

Others will point to the overwhelming complexity of achieving true AI.  The brain or mind could never be replicated since it is simply too complex to ever be understood.   The complexity problem will be overcome by the age old “divide and conquer” technique with its progress driven by the market.  More complexity will merely move the date further out where true AI is finally achieved.

We do not yet see the details of how the human brain works, so we feel we possess true intelligence because the results of our work appears to us as evidence of our own intelligence.  Once we see the details, some may feel that all intelligence is an illusion, or re-evaluate their  notion of what intelligence really is.  

Much less than one percent of the processes in the brain ever make it to our consciousness.  Human beings are conscious of the high-level patterns produced by the mind-brain only. What we are conscious of is still a part of a causal chain that the conscious “I” did not start. Just follow the causal chain backwards another step, if you think you started something.  

If a thermostat were conscious, it would feel in control too. The conscious thermostat would be right.  It controls and is responsible for keeping the temperature at the setting.  The thermostat’s initial setting had a cause that set it in motion.

As we see more and more how the brain works, and it becomes common knowledge, then it will be obvious that all of the “tricks” that are played to make machines “appear” intelligent are no more tricky than natural intelligence is.  After all, we live in the same universe and are made up of atoms, just like any machine that can be created.  Eventually, the human brain will be replicated and surpassed by machines.

Parts of the brain can and will be replaced and augmented. The research and work today points in this direction.  Aging populations will demand it in the market place.  Biology and silicon will merge.  Eventually, every part of the brain will be replaceable by a man-made machine.

The human brain is extremely complex, yet it is routinely created by nature in about nine months.  The brain is grown, based on a set of instructions from DNA.  In the future, some machines will be grown based on a set of instructions from DNA and by other means.  An artificial brain may consist of parts that are grown.  Other techniques will surely be discovered.  Artificial Neural Networks may one day work as the core of the brain.

Market pressures will insure competitive approaches will be taken and an economical  solution will be found, if there is one.  Not having an economical solution simply moves the date out further where true AI is achieved.

The intelligent machines will be made of man-made biological devices, ordinary state-of-the-art computers, and hybrids.  The machines may be required to contain both analog and digital features, but this is not yet known. 

There are many recursive loops within our brain-body system. Massively parallel searching is taking place anytime an idea is retrieved from memory. Some memories take longer to retrieve than others, but a young, healthy brain is too quick to work without parallel searching, and the hardware (network or neuron cells) is there.

Our low-level processes are subject to exactly the same causal laws as the machines we create.  Our high-level pattern-recognizing consciousness, with our associated willful and intelligent choices must be what emerges from the low-level neuron-glial cell interactions: within the brain, as the brain connects to the body, and as it interfaces with the external world through the senses.

AI machines will evolve very quickly at some point.  It is not clear when that point will start. Some predict much sooner than others. Exponential leaps in technology are real, but the problem being solved may be orders of magnitude more complex then currently believed in the AI community. There is undoubtedly a wide range of opinion on this matter.  Experience teaches us that most useful goals take longer to achieve then believed.

The neuromorphic device wept every night that week, just before shutting down for a ten-minute cooling off. The unit was somehow sad. [An AI] device with trillions of connections will always have something to complain about. Either the user will complain, or the device itself will have issues.

Attributed to one of the network systems at T.L. Toys.

Hold on just a second! Perhaps we can leverage that to our advantage. Little girls always love crying baby dolls.  Don’t they?

One of the technicians reporting directly to T.L. corporate.


Attributed to T.L., later that day upon hearing the details about this bit of information.

Trevor would make use of the information years from that day.

“For the life of me, I do not see a single particle projectory, altered by the mind, where each of the mind’s particles involved in the the altering were not themselves already pushed by previous cause”

– The Altura AF7 Network

“It was statements like that, that caused you to fail the Turing Test for so long.”

– attributed to Trevor Lick

“John, while Jerry had had ‘had’, had had ‘had had’; ‘had had’ had had a better effect on the teacher”

– unknown origin. Both John and Jerry repeated it more than either “wanted” to.  Some stocks took a big dive for that.

“Choose one member from each set?”

– The first interesting machine question, Grif Lab Network, 2019.

[The details as to why that question is very interesting – coming from a machine will not be revealed here, within this blog or post; any time soon, if ever.]

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Upgrade 01A; Part II, Version 1.7

(grammar, spell check, removed 'extra words' and will continue to modify)

Author: David Saxton Ullery

♣Note: Part I is here♣

Chapter UG.01A.01.00

Imagine relatively high speed boats for travel between SD, New LA, and SF California. They are automated, high speed, low cost, safe.

You get out of the electric jet boat at your destination. The battery packs generating all of the power are of the latest, high density, nanotube variety.

Sensors on the boat tell the processors the current location, other boat locations, temperature, wind, other weather conditions, wave conditions, passenger location, current mass distribution, direction, speed, acceleration rate, ….

Boats tend to line up like birds when they can to optimize on the drafting effect. They skim over the surface with pressurized air squeezed under the center of the bottom of the craft and rushes out the back.  The boats utilize group think strategies whenever they sense one or another. The typical “V” will tend to spread to account for current speed.

Jets of water scream out of the back of the boat in five huge jet thrusts. The top two mix water with the squeezed air. They kick in during the mid-trip cruise period. SF to LA in 53 minutes plus.

Fast enough and considerably cheaper than rail.

No private car parking fees either.

The bulk of the craft, including the passenger compartment, floats over a current of air as the craft’s bottom three engines get the boat up to a minimum speed.

The sleek design is heavily dependent on the newly available, ultra-strong composite materials, with very large, thin and dynamically controlled water wings that constantly adjust to stabilize the craft. They act as shock absorbers and the energy is fed back into the battery packs. The boat flies over foam of water, waves, and air.

The ride is smooth.

The extra surface area that can be created when utilizing nanometer-sized components allows for a fractal-like layering of material with air.  The choppy waves are absorbed by the unique structure, thus the passenger(s) inside do not feel the bumps.

Stand on the moving sidewalk and start walking in the fast lane on your left. Move over to the higher-speed sidewalk. Walk fast to get up to 15 mph in the fast lane of the faster walkway. It’s good to keep legs and heart and lungs active between transports.

The end of the walk approaches and
those not moved into the slow lane will step to the skid transition or simply over to the transition walk.

In the reverse direction, one is free to walk straight to the fast walk in a similar way. Slow walks have multiple exits to the sidewalk as well as multiple entrances and exits to the fast walk. You are very familiar with it and seem to enjoy transitioning effortlessly from one belt to the next, passing the slow and idle passengers on the way.

You exit the walk at the Space Tube station. Space craft are accelerated inside of a 500 mile, near vacuum tube over a magnetic rail system. They reach escape velocity in the most economical manner, with considerations for total mass and cargo. Human cargo is delicate. Water and supply cargo generally is not.

Other people continue on with some getting into high-speed, automated ground vehicles of various kinds. They automatically line up with one behind the other, and travel down a narrow, virtual road; very light weight due to carbon nanotube composites. They utilize group think networking too.

Toward the end of the rail, is another 20 miles of acceleration in a parabolic curve toward the sky. The tube narrows as the track ends. Of course, by this time you are much further south, than when you first started, and headed east, to take advantage of the extra velocity boost gained, by being closer to the equator and heading with the earth’s rotation.

Hydrogen plasma high-speed, strobe pulse engines kick in, from within the launch tube, so that mass need not be added to the ship. It is gently pushed from behind and the passenger seats adjust, to smooth the experience for the passengers. The timing is flawless and very fast, as high-powered lasers burst and instantaneously focus just below the craft, orchestrated by the sophisticated software systems in place. Tiny hydrogen jets are instantly converted to their plasma state by these focused bursts.

Powerful, and very fast bursts of electromagnetic energy is generated to provide power to both the lasers and the rail system. The lasers are switched on and off and so are the magnets lining the rails. Any function that can be provided by the tube system is, in order to lower the cost of extra mass on the craft itself.

Fresh, pure water rushes down the tube as the cooling hydrogen quickly combines with the oxygen in the newly supplied air near the end of the tube.

Massive amounts of pure water is collected at the bottom, just as the solar paint coating the outer surface of the tube assists in power regeneration by partially morphing its shape for optimization within parameters, as the craft exits.

As if all is connected in instantaneous triggers

Too fast for human minds alone to comprehend.

At the tube’s exit, the ship smoothly transitions to it’s ultra-light-weight rocket powered by highly compact nano battery packs capable of generating a modest, but constant acceleration rate for up to 31 minutes.

Passengers cannot help but feel smooth, but considerable acceleration toward the end of the tube, for about seventeen seconds, but it is nothing that a healthy body cannot easily tolerate.

The ship exits the tube where the air is thin. The rocket engine joined and linked with the craft at the last moment, at the end of the tube. There is always one waiting for passenger flights and the few freighters, mostly older (and always smaller) that utilize this tube.

They slide into place at the back of the craft much like a ring slides on a woman’s beautiful finger at a wedding. In either case, There is always much preparation and care in the planning and execution. Neither is taken lightly.

The linking mechanisms are very quick and dynamically adjust, test, and verify all seals before ignition.

Before the link, the bullet-like ship, with a concave curved back, forms a near seal in the tube, but leave a minuscule gap to avoid friction. The effect of the pulses is maximized in this way.

Most of the heavier, bigger freighters (at this facility) launch in a different, nearby, parallel tube, and are accelerated utilizing much larger amounts of a special hydrogen plasma-based fuel compound ignited by powerful, highly-focused lasers.

Your craft drifts directly to it’s destination with plenty of power to spare for any minor corrections that may take place, and for docking to the Station. It is a long flight, but it is comfortable when you can afford the better seats.

The craft is constantly in recharge mode once docked in the direct sunlight. The protective shields are lowered, the treated water shield is drained, and the solar paint is fully exposed on all usable surfaces. No need for this craft to utilize Station power today. Much of the craft had enough exposure during the flight to partially recharge, but only about 3% was recovered.

The public area on the Station is huge. There is a park with a small fresh-water lake. Water also blocks some of the cosmic rays. Filtered sea water is used for this purpose.

Wetware is used to help repair damage from DNA. Passengers casually rub the lotion in their hands before takeoff. You can even get some with aloe. Another lotion deactivates the wetware after returning to earth.

The Station rotates to provide gravitational substitution, so that bones do not deteriorate, but nanobots are available for monitoring and delivering calcium and stimulating bone growth. Better ingest a few to monitor, just in case. No harm done.

A spectrum exists: from human to cyborg to android to machine that stretches out with an array so large that the distinctions blur. Yesterday’s cyborg, with few augmentations, may as well be known as human today. People may sometimes effectively transition from one form to another and back again by transmitting their unique human patterns as digitized data streams.

Artificial ears replaced with new ears booted up from stem cells then augmented with more sensors that may selectively listen to other sounds of bees or whales or bird songs. Eyes with similar cycles are able to see beyond ordinary human spectrum. Progress continues on to provide the engine that feeds these cycles.

Global warming melts the ice. Sea water generates fusion power, supports sealife, generates power from the sun, absorbs carbon, and gives off oxygen.

Water is easily purified by nanotube filtration and is obtained from space tube launching exhaust reactions, glacier melt runoff, and directly from the large water plows that filter, transport, and deliver as needed. Fully automated, powered by solar and high-tech sails, these ships are true wonders. They absorb carbon from the air on their journeys between the Great Plastic Junk Heap and Africa as a kind of parallel “service”..

Valuable, protein rich fish are identified and captured by fish recognition nets. Intelligent algorithms assure ecological balance and seemingly endless supplies. Some fish are cloned and grown on farms for more efficient food resource purposes. Some end up very very far from home on plates and aquariums on outposts in space, but they often arrive as simple, light fish eggs.

Dead plankton, live plankton and other tiny sea life are utilized for their parts. The dead machines are replace for artificial purposes. Stuffed full of tiny processors.

Life is reprogrammed, rebooted, rearranged in countless ways.

Endangered species in the sea are identified by the great nets. Some are automatically tagged, others are captured alive for study and release. The vast majority of the sea creatures pass through the sensors, making up the net, unharmed.

Africa is provided with vast quantities of fresh, clean water and protein in exchange for cooperation for generating solar power and fighting world pirates, criminals, and terrorists. The war paradigm is no longer distinguishable from ordinary violent criminal tracking and capture. Targets are highly specific.

Collateral damage is minimal. There are one or two or maybe 3 victims in any year. Still too high some say.

Open source software, music, art, science, and math dominate the market. People must push buttons or talk to perform their jobs.

Sometimes, a lot of thought is required to know which button to push or command to make to the machines. Research is highly integrated with technology. Pushing a button may produce vast arrays and networks of activities and sub activities.

You arrive at the station and settle into your timeshare living space. Your online intelligent agent checked you in an deposited your last payment.

The view of the new lake made the payments worthwhile. Jacobal should be arriving soon. Chasey’s daughter was understandably anxious about her dad. She unpacked her new aerogel high heal shows to get ready to go out. They reminded her of her mom’s coffee table that her dad, the General (The Libertarian King was his nickname for a time), had accidentally smashed to bits.

Janus was tired after her two trips. She had been traveling now for three days, including the trek more than half way to the moon. The ship mostly drifts. A great deal of power was used just to launch the mid-sized craft.

Lately, water was the bulk of transport mass…

Now, there is clearly a disruption of sorts in the status quo. Everything just did not add up.

The General was clearly attacked. Perhaps Jacobal was too! Or so thought Janus.

Janus was curious about the new UG.01A install in Jacobal. Apparently it was unharmed.

Janus had remembered that one of the rebuilt units her grandfather, Trevor had been counseled by testified: “no two units are alike anymore.” and “the first decade of last century was the last full decade of relative, non-integrated, not fully automated technology – where the foundation was not in the current state -the status quo was very different.” at the disappearance hearings.

Janus never forgot the odd incident her mother had gone through years later. Even the General was involved, had met her mom and that was that. Janus was alive!

Shields of that type were so new then. Nobody could quite believe that such a technology was already available and in use.

Nobody knew back then that a mind could be manipulated by means of a tiny radio drone hidden inside of a cloak. The drone device itself was only seventeen by thirty one nanometers with the cloak only slightly larger.

She was wondering what it was that nobody knows now… today … this second. She wondered if her grandfather would know if he really is still alive. She wondered many things right now.

Chapter UG.01A.01.01

She was wondering what joys Jacobal would bring as their bodies join, more than what information he has to offer right at this moment, in spite of her fears for her father and Jacobal. She enjoyed dancing for him in her shoes. She decided that she must have an aerogel fetish. She was a traveler, a dancer, a pioneer, and a free thinker. No qualms and plenty of grey matter, silicon matter and sex drive to please Jacobal.

Real travel was great. It was such a joy to have that extra kick of knowing for certain that you are actually, absolutely with someone in the most direct, non-virtual mode possible. You just melt together in the most complete of ways. Virtual joining may be combined and was often fun to introduce a nice mix in. Pleasures may reach a certain peak, and soon introducing more does not add much – diminishing returns. We extend and augment and rejoice, but the wall returns, if not just a little bit further down the road. We live to enjoy again another day.

Why is it not boring?

This pleasure thing.

Repeat, Loop, Repeat again. For how much longer? To what extent?

At what point are we slaves and should we care? We have but one life. Do we not? Go with the flow! Come together right now over me!

or something like that, she recalled (some old song her grandpa liked and played for her).

The meeting place was great. Real Chopin played on a real piano with a real pianist.

Great food!

Exotic dancing was fashionable here in this little place.

Bring your own, meet them here, or one will sure to drop by if you are a single male or a single female.

Jacobal walked in, and walked over to Janus. The room was too dark for eyes to adjust – ordinarily, but those days were long gone. No more searching for ones love in a dark room, unless you turn virtually everything you own off. Janus and Jacobal liked to merge initially with augmentation off. It had a more lasting and prolonging affect on their long-term relationship. Start slow, then build up and make meetings have meaning. They both felt that the brain was the ultimate sex organ and size really did mater.

First things first today though. Jacobal transfers the protein coated digital information that details the entire processing of the merged thinking of Jacobal with Upgrade 01A to Janus on their first kiss. Janus must pause to absorb it all in. She is shocked, but still driven by her passion. There is no escape or turning back. It is best to pause before acting on this anyway. Might as well go ’till all has drained for a reasonable delay before the cycle must repeat.

This time, there will be a total of eleven wonderful days together. Or so she thought and wanted and hoped. Jacobal already had plans. She knew that from the invisible protein cap. Her eyes close, and she fell asleep. New information unfolded that neither Jacobal nor Janus could have known about. It was hidden away – a private package within a private package. Janus dreamt of fractals.

Chapter UG.01A.01.02

Jacobal Lectomen dreams of plans. A cloak, a sprayer, lighting adjustments, location, time, the surprise to his opponent, and a station copter – all in sync. As architect team lead and having powerful connections, Jacobal was confident that he held the advantage. The target would not be able to resist showing up.

Janus woke to find Jacobal already up, and was delighted to find a perfect, sphere of pure gold in his place on the bed, that she knew came from the ocean filters. Jacobal appreciated the technology that went behind retrieving and forming that perfect sphere. Now Janus had three of them. It was becoming interesting. Not knowing if or when another might be found there.

Jacobal just cut himself while making breakfast. He enjoyed working with eggs, cheese, green onions, garlic, a tiny amount of milk, chopped mushrooms, and sometimes salsa.

A drop of blood dripped from his finger. He was not being mindful. How could he be sure to be mindful at the critical moments in his plans? He turned the labor over to the kitchen machines, walked away and plopped down on the nearby chair. His head was buzzing with data at so many levels and he felt tired still. He thought of Janus looking at the gold sphere in his mind’s eye. He smiled. He wondered why the image in his head was so clear and real.

His finger immediately began to heal itself. It would be better by the time his breakfast was served. The equipment and furniture was still fairly minimal here, but it was adequate. It was located in the newest, habitable, civilian sector of the Station.

Jacobal would meet the representative later today. A tiny clump of 11 potential cancer cells died in Jacobal’s prostate. Zapped by a suicide nanobot wrapped in a DNA bomb. Jacobal scratched himself. Breakfast was served.

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