Ron Paul is the only Republican that I will vote for in the 2012 presidential election.

Ron Paul is a very strong Christian who is capable of separating his religious beliefs from his understanding of liberty, to a degree above the rest of his party. He is the only federal politician in DC who has consistently stood up for the Constitution and liberty.

Fortunately for Americans, Paul has managed to cherry-pick the libertarian aspects of Jesus out of the Bible, and recognizes the importance of liberty to the human individual.

I am not worried that he will slip into the murky waters of the deep, brown tea.

Dr. Paul has shown us that he can work with Barney Frank, whenever Frank falls on the side of liberty.

I would rather have 100% of my Federal Reserve Notes taxed, than to have Michele Bachman as our president. Social conservatives, like her are anti-liberty, and Johny-come-lately, whining, cry babies.

The deep, brown tea party is full of murky, dangerous ideas, right out of the bronze-age.

Ron Paul is in favor of a new idea called “liberty”, an idea that is not much older than Darwin. The experiment, is a political one, and therefore is imperfect, but would be self-correcting, if the authoritarians would stop interfering.

In order for the experiment of liberty to work, we need everybody to be permitted to own their bodies and the fruit of their labour.

The Constitution is the compromise! The authoritarians have proven to us time and again that they do not know what they are doing, when it comes to foreign or domestic policy. They have no plan or practice that defends liberty.