Ron Paul does not want to isolate any individual on the planet from any American. He wants individuals to freely trade with one another.

The authoritarians consider government intervention into other people’s business, in other countries is the proper way for civilized people to behave. It usually means activity involving the inevitable loss of innocent life, is how they prefer to deal with other people in this world.

The “isolationist” label is false and intentionally misleading. One can engage politically and economically with other nations without flying drones over their country and killing innocent children.

Politics is simply a word to express how humans interact with one another. We compromise and negotiate. War is a bronze-aged mentality mind set, with no notion of, or proper understanding of modern concepts of liberty, economics, science, the arts, and literature built in.

What happens when one country bombs and occupies another country? What happens when two countries do trade with each other? One answer is ” blow back”, and the other is “more friends and/or more wealth”. It is easy to see which answer goes with each question.

It is hard to think what it might be like for Americans to freely trade with our foreign friends. The corporate oligarchy, with the military industrial complex leading the way, but others not far behind, have formed agreements with the federal government, by lobbying Congress to exercise powers that give them favor over ordinary citizens. They are anti-liberty and anti-free-trade.

It is the pro-war folks who encourage isolation of ordinary Americans by barring them from freely trading with our good friends.

Some say that the purpose of government is to “protect us.” A more precise description is that the purpose of government is to defend our liberty. Each individual is responsible for, and is entitled to her own body and her own actions. The purpose of the federal government is not to stop people from making their own mistakes.

The present-day government of The United States is granted a monopoly on force, for the purpose of defending the liberty of the American people.

Instead, the Government abuses it’s powers beyond the intentions, as described by the Constitution, and beyond moral decency, by any modern standards or measurement.