I feel that my body is merging with my technology right now.
Waiting for the Singularity does not seem bright, somehow.

Where is this place that I am focusing on? Could it be my technology?

Trevor and Jakobal both had similar dreams. They were destined to meet. One to destroy the other. Jakobal had managed to arrange the meeting on The Station. In a sector under Jakobal’s personal supervision!

Jakobal wondered why Trevor would accept such a location without any haggling or debate, however he did not let it bother him. He set to work on his special cloaking shield that would work only in the special lighting that he had set up in the area of the planned meeting.  No other cloak would work, yet the lighting trick would be undetectable to the human eye or to primitive, cheap devices. Jakobal did not expect Trevor to bring much technology that was not intended as an offensive weapon designed specifically for the destruction of Jakobal.  Trevor would never detect the lighting trick.

 Jakobal saw Trevor arrive and so he walked away from the wall, and toward the center of the rather large area of  the space station.  The ceiling’s shape was an arc – a very large arc, and about 100 meters above.  Gravity was at about 0.85G in this sector, because it was the best level for growing the new circuits that were supporting the funding of most of this level on the giant space station known as “The Station.” 

One could see other occupied areas off on distant decks.  Some windows were lit with dim lights, or rather; they appeared to be dim, due to their large distance away from Jakobal and Trevor.  Jakobal turned on his cloak, becoming invisible to Trevor.  Trevor had released his weapon at the same time.  It was a tiny disk.  The disk sliced into the cloak, rendering Jakobal temporarily visible in outline.  The cloak quickly repaired itself as Jakobal began to run at full speed toward the edge of the deck.  The disk obediently returned to Trevor’s left hand.

One of Jakobal’s remote control personal ‘copters flew by.  Jakobal lept onto the ‘copter’s platform and flew away.  Jakobal had never intended to kill Trevor.  Trevor had never intended to kill Jakobal.  These were different times now.  It was well into the twenty-second century now after all!  Nobody, just fifty years ago, would have thought that such unusual rituals would be taking place right now, but similar rituals were becoming popular replacements for war.

The ‘copter turned toward Trevor as Jakobal leapt back down to the deck just behind Trevor.  Jakobal kicked Trevor in the back of the head, with the back of his boot heel, on his way back down to the deck.  Trevor rolled head over heals, but then recovered, thanks to the assistance of his balance-assist technology.

Trevor laid out flat on his face. Invisible machines began to repair his wounds at an incredible pace. Trevor would be fine, but he did not feel like getting up for a long time.  Jakobal began to slowly walk over to see if his rival was alright.  Just then, Trevor’s image began to flicker and disappear.  The real Trevor had not yet arrived.  Virtual machines were repairing virtual wounds, yet they were real machines at the same time.  They were a very large swarm of very small bots. There were 1,048,576 of them to be precise.  Each bot communicating with its partners, they have the ability to start-up each other’s backup software and hardware, if needed.  Often time, the bots can boot-up their own backups without any assistance.

Jakobal was shocked!  “How was it that he could feel Trevor’s head when he kicked him?”, he wondered.  Just then, the real Trevor arrived and grinned straight at Jakobal. 

“The Libertarian King is not as powerful as you think!”, said Trevor as he continued to grin at Jakobal.  Trevor laughed. His laugh sounded almost silly, but Jakobal could tell that Trevor found something to be terribly funny at the moment.

“Don’t you remember those toys you used to alpha-test just a few years back when you were a young teenager?”, Trevor continued.  “Those toys were much more than poetry, music and story writing machines. The AI was much more powerful than what was publicly known for the time.  You and the king are just two of many thousands of examples of powerful people who are partially influenced by my will, due to the sophisticated devices that were hidden within those toys.  I do not have complete control over either of you, but I do have influence, and me telling you this does not diminish it one bit.  You are now very firmly convinced that my ideas are your ideas and that you concluded that they were good, based on rationally thinking through all of the options.   One idea that was mine was for you to devise the time and place for our meeting and for you to create a special cloak.  I came up with the idea of having a ritual like this in the first place.  It is much better than war, and it can be fun.  It encourages the development of new technology.”

Jakobal shot a disk of his own directly at Trevor. It sliced into Trevor’s skull – immediately killing him. Jakobal hopped back onto his ‘copter and flew back to his sleeping quarters.  The electric ‘copter was a smooth, fast, yet very quiet ride.  Jakobal slept for twelve hours.

The real Trevor quickly arrived after Jakobal’s departure and picked up his dead clone-droid. His two assistant bots quickly, and efficiently cleaned up the bloody mess.  The clone-droid would be farmed for spare parts.

Deep down, Jakobal suspected that Trevor was not really dead. That was too simple.  Trevor was a man who had survived his own suicide when he was very young.  Nobody could prove it was faked, but everyone knew it must have been.  Trevor Lick was freakishly smart, yet mentally ill to some extent.

Jakobal thought it wise to keep the entire incident to himself. “If something comes up that reveals my involvement, then let it present itself on its own”, Jakobal thought.  Jakobal then flew a ‘copter back to the scene of the brawl from the previous night.   At that moment, he realized that Trevor was indeed still alive!  Trevor was the winner and now they both knew that fact.

Trevor giggled to himself.  Jakobal laughed at himself.  They both sat by themselves, as they usually did.  Jakobal began thinking about the women in his life.  Trevor began thinking about his most recent technologically based ideas.  They both had more-or-less the same dream that night.They both thought and dreamt about their next meeting.


The Technocrats were becoming more and more wealthy. They had cornered the market in just every possible area that there was to be cornered.  However, war was still missed by some.  It was war that had allowed some of them to create so many copies of the same technology – over and over again – only to destroy them, and start over again.  The rituals were a compromise.  They could be considered as a part of the defence budget for a Nation State.  Jakobal was the personification of this concept.  Trevor was the reality of what can result from the folly of the Nation State.  The Libertarian King was supposed to eliminate these problems by virtually eliminating the Nation State.  He had succeeded too, with the exception of three to five “Terrorist States.”  Every Nation State that was not under the control of the culture created by the Libertarian King was deemed to be a Terrorist State.

There were still the “Terrorist Wars”.  They seemed to never end.  New drones could follow suspected terrorists for days before striking – sometimes on its own, and sometimes with the permission of a commanding officer.  These wars only involved a few hundred troops  – with a few million very smart robots and drones.  The wars served their purpose, but they were never enough to satisfy a few of the greediest of the Technocrats.  They wanted a return to the Corporate Oligarchy of the early 21st Century.  They wanted nothing less than the return of The U.S. Empire with big Energy and big Technology (but now one in the same) at the helm.

Jakobal works for the king now, although he is a very well established architect too.  Trevor works for himself and employed a few thousand humans.  Trevor’s main staff consists of intelligent robots, computers, and a few androids. The androids are largely employed for contact with humans or other androids.  Some of the androids have claimed independence and have petitioned for legal Rights.  Trevor is willing to grant them those Rights, but the community is resisting. The Libertarian King is arguing in favor of individual rights for any machine that convincingly shows that it is capable of surviving on its own as appears to be sentient. Jakobal agrees.  Trevor grins.

Jakobal could not help but consider Trevor’s remarks.  Could it be true that many of his thoughts and opinions were strongly influenced by subtle nudges of Trevor’s nanotechnology? 

“Did little robots get inside my head?”, he wondered; “What had Trevor meant, exactly?”