The General lay in bed thinking.  He was in a well guarded, private hospital room, somewhere in the military quarters of The Station. 

He smiled. It had been in a moment of passion when that lovely aerogel coffee table in Chasey’s living room had been smashed to bits on that wonderful day so long ago.

Now, the general was being monitored by several machines and two human doctors.  The heart failure was only the beginning of the problems that were now unfolding inside the general’s very old body.  There was no doubt now that the heart attack was artificially created. The utilization of DNA-based nanobots to initialize the attack was the most likely culprit.

General Salton Higgsfield could not do anything now but relax, and try to think about pleasant thoughts.  He was not plugged directly into any network at the moment since it interfered with the search and it was considered a security issue at this point.  Nobody knew with certainty if the viruses; or whatever it was, could be controlled somehow through the general’s own internalized communication hardware, linked mostly to his brain and vital organs.

Salton was fairly certain that the culprits were located somewhere in Lebanon and were retaliating once again for the anti-terrorist activities there.  There must be some on the inside; perhaps here at The Station, to pull this off, but he must not think about this now, he thought.  Too much stress on the mind and body!

The general was very old now.  He must think about pleasant thoughts or just sleep.  Let the doctors and monitors do their job.  Let the investigation move forward on its own – for now.  He drifted off to sleep to the sound of the rhythmic whooshing and clicking of the machine next to his head. 

The medical monitoring machines were checking every part of the general’s body for evidence of cellular manipulation, and for evidence of artificial virus contamination.  So far, after nearly three days, the problems were only partially contained.  The viruses were apparently very cleverly designed and were nearly impossible to detect.

To be continued…

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