Chelcye programmed cells by injecting viruses into them.  She would type the commands into a computer program that was then compiled by another program into DNA code sequences.  The code sequences were read into yet another program that converted the sequence into actual DNA strands.  The DNA strands were injected into the “blank” virus. 

A virus could be injected directly into an insect to get the insect to do whatever it was commanded to do.  Alternatively, a virus could be injected into a human with commands to eliminate specific tumors, or perhaps to hunt and destroy all tumors within.  The military had its uses and was the first sector of the economy to fund the projects in their early stages, but now everything had gone commercial. It seemed that there was nothing that could not be done with these little DNA command programs.

Chelcye loved her job and her work.  The number of commands that could be squeezed into an empty virus had been increasing to the point where quite a bit of information could be injected into the recipient with only a handful of different program types.

She was younger than Janus. She knew that most would say prettier too.  It was interesting to Chelcye.  “Janus” should be a man’s name, she thought.  It was very interesting to Chelcye that Janus and Jacobal knew each other so well.   She knew them both, but had only just now learned from a friend of a friend that they knew each other. The topic arose out of the blue – over lunch the other day.

There were many other “things” that Chelcye did not find interesting, but would if she only knew what was going on, and the magnitude of potential change that could occur as a result. She would be astonished beyond all she had ever dreamt or imagined. 

Something was amiss, but exactly what was, was not clear.  Many connections and relationships were not known to Chelcye.  Had she known, she probably would not enjoy her work as much.

Chelcye smiled, took a sip of her coffee, then turned cheerfully back to her latest program. It was very complex, involving multiple viruses working in sync. The specifications were very detailed, leaving little room for “art” or “improvisation.”   She did not recall ever having either read or seen such a large specification file.  Chelcye knew she was a part of a bigger plan that would profit her company and keep her employed at the job she loved best.