So Nice Together

So nice together are

chocolate, coffee, and kief.

Their three sounds starting as:

“cha”, “ka”, and “kee”.

Their sounds  roll off of my mind’s tongue,

as they travel down the tunnels,

left over from old, dusty thoughts.

Their journey cleans the dirt,

from the edges,

of the tunnels,

as the sounds pass by.

One is soft:


Two are sharp:

“ka” and “kee”

The kief goes first,

as it is the sharpest.

The coffee and chocolate are last;

they polish,

they shine,

the thoughts tunneled past.

Their three smells and tastes,

so nice after heat.



dark and neat.

Their three,

distinct feelings on the brain,

are thrice relief,

all sooth, excite, yet soothe

(in the main).