Relative Sieves


David S. Ullery

I like to chat and talk with friends,

or sometimes relatives.

But if I chat and stay too long,

their two ears,

become two sieves.

They try to leave,

if I do not perceive,

that chatting,

takes four ears.

Some one-way talk,

may last so long,

it may feel to them like years.



when I am alone,

I wonder,

if ever,

my mind can come home.

If there is something to say,

then make it clear,

with nothing to worry,

and holding no fears.

More often than not,

it is best to stop,

if the topic is not hot,

to non-filtered ears.

That is one very friendly fellow,

and one very kind soul,

who listens a lot,

when the topic,

is not very cool!