The Unquiet Mind of Trevor Lick

by David S. Ullery



“Trevor”, said AF.127.9FB v

“What is it?”, the elderly and tired-looking Trevor grunted back to the new network.

Trevor had fresh, visible tears.

The network replied: “You should read this book. I believe you will find it interesting and useful.”

Trevor turned and looked at the title page on the paper screen appear:


An Unquiet Mind
A Memoir of Moods and Madness

by Kay Redfield Jamison


Trevor laughed oddly and turned away.

More tears and laughter followed darkly from a source that seemed to Trevor like an external agency playing with the emotion valves and control knobs inside his head.

At first, Trevor wondered why the network had given this information to him.  After all, that disorder (manic depression) had long ago been cured…

Trevor quickly pulled up a net search to his retina display.  The retina display was the closest thing that Trevor had to an internal technological device:


An emphasis on innate design should not, by the way, be confused with the search for “a gene for” this or that mental organ. [ . . . manic depression…]Complex mental organs, like complex physical organs, surely are built by complex genetic recipes, with many genes cooperating in as yet unfathomable ways (pp. 34-35).


Upon reading this, a light turned on inside Trevor’s head.  Trevor took a light drag from his oil pipe, turned all mental resources back to preparations for his meeting with Jacobal Lectomen, and smiled.

Unfathomable ways indeed!