Fifty three team crew plus guests, on Enceladus, Saturn Station Outpost I.

The “station” obtains energy needs from water jets of the very fast kind; over 1300 MPH.

The Station Cyborgs lower the generators down. The station acts more like a ship than a traditional space station, in many regards.  It can fly low, pick up energy by lowering its generators down to the moon’s atmosphere of supersonic steam.

It takes one full-time crew of 17 to run the moon ship of Saturn, Enceladus. Two full-time crew teams, plus guests are on board at any given time.

The Earth’s new mega-station stays in constant contact.  All cyborgs at both locations have their live’s completely monitored at all times to keep a look out for medical conditions of any kind.  This Saturn outpost has plenty of water to suit its needs.