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I Was Hoping

By David Saxton Ullery

for: Upgrade 01A, Child’s Toy

I was hoping I could
count upon the
Fractals of our Nature
of our utter honesty between us

Love is beyond us
It lies between us

And it is all around the World
And there for the Universe

It is around us
Love grows between us

It flows among us all!

We can literally build
castles high
above the sky
all about the sky of Earth

I was hoping I could
rely upon the
love that I could
feel for you so magically

So magnificently?

As our Universe started
as but a single point?

We are dodgers in the
so we
are free
we are joyfully free

All shall be healthy wealthy and wise throughout

Let us go forth together
In freedom and in tolerance

And all march forward healthy wealthy and wise

I was loping on the
fort so long
My breath could only escape
As I feel so much better now

We where coping and should
mount upon the
traffic of our Nature
Of our fondness that’s between us

I was hoping we would
jazz upon the
frequency of time!

Just another frame of mind?

Note: Click on the links in the poem, or simply put your mouse over any link in the poem! For example: loping

You can watch Youtube links from within a “snapshot” and even control the volume. You can listen to the jazz while watching the “loping” and “frame of mind” Youtubes all within their respective snapshots, simply by playing them when the snapshot is highlighted. Have fun!

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