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  • Click on the Links in the story!
  • Brocha’s Area
  • Grammar
  • Recursive Humor
  • Self-Referencing Sentences
  • Johns initial mentalmarked sentence is highly self-referencing, but does make sense.
  • “to split” is the infinitive being split
  • “never” is used several times
  • parenthesis are overused
  • lengthly quotations are used
  • the sentence does begin with “but” and end with “and”
  • Just follow the links to understand the rest…
  • The author references himself indirectly at the end
  • John references himself and Jerry in the sentence
  • The use of “had had” appears again (did have = had had and is correct grammer)
  • John and Jerry both had “upgrades” to the area of the brain having to do with the construction of language (follow the links to understand this better)
  • The current year is 2007, the year of the story must be at least 20+20+20 years in the future, since there is an indirect reference of the author who is Mary’s great-great grand father.
  • 17 is considered young for a medical specialist of the type discussed in this time setting. Some of Mary’s colleagues find this fact about Mary bothersome (why?)
  • Apparently the upgrades did not go well. What happened after the problems was resolved?
  • What about memes and what is so important about these upgrades?

Please wait for Part II to resolve some questions. Please leave comments.

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