Did it ever occur to our wise foreign policy experts that it is not a good idea to occupy a country and then stand around in the middle of a civil war? Did it ever occur to them that Bin Laden is the enemy, he is a criminal that we should seriously go after, without taking so many innocent lives and occupying a country where we know he isn’t?

Doh! Go eat another donut Homer and think it over (while more innocents die). Ever wonder why the countries we tried to fix in the past (North Korea, Viet Nam, Cuba) are three of the few remaining communist countries in the world? We call those foreign policy plan makers experts? Why? Those same guys gave away wheat to our biggest enemy so that they hang around that much longer and they could further scare the American people into building more and more nuclear weapons.

Does it occur to anyone that there is a reason why we have a Constitution of the United States of America? Do most people realize that the last war the USA actually won was WW II, and before we entered the war Roosevelt felt it necessary to ask Congress for a formal Declaration of War? Weather for better or worse, virtually the entire country became united behind the president and did support the troops (literally and figuratively). Funny, considering Roosevelt was not well known for following the US Constitution with so many of his Mew Deal programs that never seemed to go away after the depression faded away.

Consider the following analogy: If a bank robber came from Germany to NYC, robbed a bank, killed 100 people, then fled to England – should we follow the example of our current administration and occupy France so we can capture and kill the world’s bank robbers? We can lure them into France and “fight them on their own territory”. We could kill anyone who happens to be in the same buildings or city block as any potential bank robber might be located.

After we fail to capture any more bank robbers, we could take over Paris and force France to elect a neo-conservative Christian. You know, the ones that believe in the one true invisible man who lives in the sky that created all of the Earths flowers, trees, animals, people and the fishes of the seas in 6 days. Those that believe the world is coming to an end with the Great Rapture. The people who believe killing 8 cells in a test tube is much worse than killing 10s of thousands of brown people ( and several thousand of our own American 18 year old boys) – as long as those “enemy” people are living on the same city block as someone we think might be a terrorist. After all, most of them will eventually burn in Hell anyway since they believe in a slightly different version of the invisible man with their Heaven decorations arranged in totally the wrong way – OMG! Mixing stripes and plaids, and giving the angels the wrong names and the wrong number dancing on the ends of the wrong type of pin heads! Better kill off those stupid people – they think the invisible man wears a turban on his head! Everybody knows he has blue eyes and a blond beard not a black one for God’s sake! And everyone knows those little zygotes already have sacred pixie dust sprinkled on them so they will grow up believing in the right colored invisible beard on and certainly no silly gay-looking invisible turban.

I guess its worth it to kill so many people so that we may end up less free and less secure. George Orwell where are you? Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. New speak is so similar to “Sound Byte Speak”. Then we have those little yellow ribbon bumper stickers, made in China, stuck on the backs of over sized SUVs. Can someone please explain to me what you mean when you say “Support the Troops” – are you actually sending them money or cookies or clean clothes or what? I doubt it. You are simply putting a fake, cheap looking, tacky yellow ribbon sticker on the back of your car and flying a cheap, plastic, made in China (by political prisoners?), American flag; and sometimes dangerously sticking out the side of your car. What are you guys thinking when you do this stuff? At least make it look nice and show the rest of us some respect!

By the way, even if the true reason “we” are in Iraq is simply for the oil, the plan is stupid, foolish and a lost cause. We are using up most of the oil (that Sadam did not already destroy with the fires during Dessert Storm), building the tanks, ships, supplying the troops, and so forth. It would much cheaper, more cost effective, and create fewer dead soldiers (assuming the “oil belongs to us” mentality here, and troops are important entities) to offer 30 cents or $1 more per barrel, than India or China. Please consider that higher oil prices will make alternative, green energy more competitive sooner rather than later.

The cost of solar power is currently equivalent to a little under $200/barrel and rapidly falling with innovative new technologies such as nanonet-based technology already in the prototype stage. There are many other alternatives (sorry but a little Google searching quickly reveals that Government Subsidized Ethanol from Corn is not one of the promising alternatives – don’t be surprised).

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