Thousands Standing Around department loses hard drive (why am I not surprised)

I am not surprised because Government rarely works well. Isn’t this the second or third agency that has lost its hard drives with employee records in the last year (or is it the 4th) ?

TSA => Thousands Standing Around. This agency is just one of the many reasons we have less security and less freedom then prior to the awful 9/11 attacks.

Perhaps someday (perhaps sooner than later) there will be an MSA = Mall Security Authority => Millions Standing Around.

In the likelihood that something like an MSA does eventually become a seriously discussed option, eager ‘patriots’ (professional public manipulators, or PPM) will blame the private mall security that most modern shopping malls have today for some terrible event that will surely occur (if we continue our foolish interventionist foreign policy). The PPM will then use the event (we will call this future event N/M, where 1 >= N <= 12; 1 <= M <= 31) as an excuse to create yet another government bureaucracy. Because of the PPM propaganda on N/M, our freedom and security level will both go down yet another notch or two or three. I believe this scenario is more likely than not within the next decade or two.

Let me summarize just some of the reasons why I believe that PPM + N/M => MSA OR MSA‘:

  1. New federal agencies create more federal employees. Federal employees tend to vote for congress members who are in favor of creating, maintaining, and growing new agencies. The classic snowball effect is thus triggered.
  2. Any N/M event combined with the PPM adds a further incentive for both Congress and the Executive to push for yet another agency.
  3. The Military Industrial Complex has a vested interest in continuing with the foreign policy of the last 50 years.
  4. The current foreign policy is fatally flawed, and is not likely to significantly change any time soon, due to the clever and highly effective propaganda put out by the PPM and the multiple feedback loops that generate among the press, the politicians, the public at large, Congress, the Executive, and continually reinforced and is amplified further by the PPM. The PPM itself usually starts out as a small group within the Executive branch working along side the Military Industrial Complex, however as the looping process takes hold, the PPM grows and snowballs until it reaches a point of critical mass that is virtually impossible to resist.

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